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Snare roll


I was wondering how I should write a snare drum roll. Should I use 32nd notes, 16th, or even 64th, or something else entirely?

Red(just call me that)

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Ëmänyo Termöpolyán I's picture

I think it depends on which you prefer: do you want it to sound right or look right?

knittingfrenzy18's picture

probly sound right.

knittingfrenzy18's picture

I'm going to be handing this piece to a friend as a sound file that MuseScore plays.

Ëmänyo Termöpolyán I's picture

Then use either 16th notes or 32nd notes, whichever provides the right feel (try them both). Don't use 64th notes, because that makes it hard to work with as a writer.

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