Help with noble themes please

Jun 24, 2018

Does anyone have any help with how to compose a noble theme. I don't need any orchestration advice, I already have that figured out, but I just can't think of a noble theme. I need one for when in my piece the cavalry rides in and saves the infantry.
Maybe some explaination on why noble themes are noble could help.


I'm not a music professional or anything, but one idea I have is having trumpet parts playing as expressive as possible along with the french horns or trombones as the harmonies.
I said, I don't need any instrumentation help. I've already figured out that the melody will go to the horns.
I would think of trumpet staccatos as the horse's feet running across the battlefield too, if you're interested in that.
Try dotted rhythms, which sound regal:    example:  in 4/4:  Quarter note, dotted eighth + 16th, quarter note, dotted eighth + 16th next measure) 6 eighth notes, quarter note (next measure)   etc.    Listen to samples to get ideas, but choice of rhythm will help achieve the feel you're looking for.  You can score for two groups and have them "battle" back and forth (antiphonal).  They play the same music but one at a time.  Have fun and Good luck!
Thank you. Do you have any advice on interval combinations? As far as the antiphonal idea, trumpets I and II are B-flat and represent the enemy. Trumpets III and IV are in F and and represent the side of the perspective.
Here's a lot of random tips on writing noble music. :)
A minor key is probably your best option.
Minor 6th intervals always seem to sound heroic, minor thirds are also cool.
What I would do is two 4 bar phrases, the first sounding more like a question, ending perhaps on chord V, IV, or even a Neapolitan chord (flat II), and then the second phrase feeling more like an answer to that question, finishing on chord I.  It also sounds really cool if the answering phrase builds to more of a climax than the question.
Heroic or Noble music often sounds better if the music goes in a generally upwards direction, it makes it more exciting.
Chords that move in sequence sound really cool, and even more so if you break that sequence just after the listener has gotten 'used to it'.
Contrary motion is also really great, like a bass line going down by step while the harmonies and melody are moving up.
Different inversions of chords also sound cool.
Having instruments play rhythmic ostinatos or subdivisions of the beat, like in Mozart, where often the strings will just be playing 16th notes with the melody over top.
But my favourite thing in this kind of music (or any kind) is suspensions and dissonances.  Having the melody land on a note outside the notes in the chord being played, then resolving sounds really cool. Also rhythmic dissonance, where a rhythmic element is played off beat, or triplets when the melody is playing 8th notes, but careful with this one, because it can just make the music sound like a mess.

Hope some of this is helpful
I will try all of your suggestions. Thank you.
Check out QuarterTuned's most recent video on YouTube, that'll probably help (basically, use perfect intervals e.g. unison, octave, fourth, fifth). I suppose you could also use some elements from styles that are associated with nobility.
Triplets are always heroic. Fourth and fifth intervals in brass sound pretty heroic too. 4/4 Time signature is best in my opinion. Also, look into the theory of borrowed chords, because if you use a major borrowed chord, it automatically makes the score sound 10 times more heroic. Using borrowed Chords is something I think Rick Beato on youtube has a really good video on
This video?:

That does seem to work. Thank you.
When you compose a noble theme, you frequently need to begin without knowing where you will wind up. Be that as it may, compose a noble theme is a process  even the greats can't create excellence in a solitary draft.  You need to quit stressing over compose a noble theme and assume that, on the off chance that you put in the diligent work, composing will at last deal with itself.  Essay Help UK
I have not been stressing over it, and with the advice I have received, I have gotten mild success. Maybe I should be stressing; I have five days remaining until my deadline.

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