Name Description Members Created Join link
Master/Amateur Arrangements and Compositions This is where we upload our considerably greatest achievements, or what we think we did well on. This is an open community, new and fresh. 19 6 weeks ago Join
Anime Collab is Here this is our anime collab website 5 6 weeks ago Invite only
Saxophone lovers group for all those who love saxes 3 6 weeks ago Join
Julian's Group Julian's MuseScore 1 6 weeks ago Join
MLP:FIM fanworks! All is welcome! Welcome are all! Long live equestria! 11 6 weeks ago Join
Lesser known comporsers group Any body can upload works of lesser known composers 1 6 weeks ago Join
Wither Boss for ENYONE who likes minecraft 5 6 weeks ago Join
Concert Band For anyone who likes composing or arranging for a concert band. 4 6 weeks ago Join
Original Concert Band Works "Expressing Your Love for Music" 3 6 weeks ago Request membership
National Anthem Arrangers For anyone who enjoys arranging national anthems for any instrument. 2 6 weeks ago Join
Mixers United Mix things or add new instruments. 'Nuff said. 2 6 weeks ago Join
Compositions that include an organ Not for organ solo pieces, but any composition which includes at least one organ and one or more instruments or voices. 2 6 weeks ago Join
Flamenco A group devoted to the notation of all aspects of flamenco 2 6 weeks ago Join
Minecrafters Anyone ho likes Minecraft 8 6 weeks ago Join
Dutch Composers A group for composers from the Netherlands 1 6 weeks ago Join
Composers&Arrangments We create, make, and compose music, and we also translate songs, other instruments, etc. 9 6 weeks ago Join
The Feather Friends The Feather Buddies was already taken 1 7 weeks ago Request membership
Youtube group The youtube group is a special group known for my youtube channle 1 7 weeks ago Request membership
Marching Band Arrangements "One of The Most Popular Style of Band Music" 7 7 weeks ago Request membership
Midi Music Midi Music only (The ones with all the weird looking notes everywhere.) You will notice it when you see it Eventually 1 7 weeks ago Join
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