Name Description Members Created Join link
Overtone singing This is a group especially for the western style overtone singing 1 6 weeks ago Join
Muziekgroep GKV Meppel oefenmateriaal voor de muziekgroep 2 6 weeks ago Join
Hong Kong Composers People from Hong Kong who love to create new music 3 6 weeks ago Join
Geometry Dash Fans! A group for all those people that love Geometry Dash! 24 6 weeks ago Join
Mässing Sextetten För all typ av sk Brunnsmusik, i sättning för Svensk Mässing Sextett (Eb Kornett,Bb Kornett,Althorn,Tenor 1 o 2, Tuba) 2 6 weeks ago Join
GHB MuseScore Highland Bagpipe Music spoken here. 1 7 weeks ago Request membership
Wauwatosa Composers we create music for all 1 7 weeks ago Invite only
ABBA hits scores for ABBA songs 1 7 weeks ago Request membership
Deutsch fsafasfsfsf 1 7 weeks ago Join
Birthday Song Writers A group for MuseScorians who write songs for other MuseScorians' birthdays and receive one on their birthday. 30 7 weeks ago Join
Pianst We are the people that like to play the piano!! 2 7 weeks ago Join
Percussionists Anonymous A group for percussionists to post their music 1 7 weeks ago Request membership
Advanced Writers Association "For those who have a little more experience in the art of writing music. 9 7 weeks ago Request membership
Teenager Composers "Musically induced teens sharing their talent." 12 7 weeks ago Request membership
Youth Composers and Arrangers Association "For the Future of Music." 11 7 weeks ago Request membership
Fantasy A group for music inspired by the world of fantasy and fiction, and also just for generally fantastical music! 12 7 weeks ago Join
Destiny the Game This group is to bring together both Destiny fans and musicians together! 4 7 weeks ago Join
T_ELLa's Music This is a group that includes T_ELLa and her other accounts' transcriptions 3 7 weeks ago Join
New Hymns for Worship The online home of hymns written by Dave Marney and friends 1 7 weeks ago Request membership
Brass Ensemble For all Brass Ensemble scores , from 4-8 instruments, Arangements and Compositions 11 7 weeks ago Join
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