Name Description Members Created Join link
The Modern Composers Society For the good composers (or arrangers) who don't know what genre their creations belong to, and think it is worthy of being considered Modern. 28 4 weeks ago Join
Band Friends Band Friends 2 4 weeks ago Request membership
Group Breault My pieces 1 4 weeks ago Invite only
Fisarmonica Forum Gruppo per la condivisione di materiale sulla Fisarmonica 4 4 weeks ago Join
Top Five This group is currently having its final purpose discussed with various music competition groups. 3 4 weeks ago Join
Power Princesses Powerful girls who love music and want to make a difference in the world! 1 4 weeks ago Request membership
Composers of the Future Join this group if your career one day will be creating music for TV and film 4 5 weeks ago Request membership
Drumline Music For all the drummers out there, and i guess anyone else :p 2 5 weeks ago Join
MRGS Music Compositions from MRGS students 2 5 weeks ago Request membership
Sophie Lena+Sophie 1 5 weeks ago Join
Music Fundamentals Percussion Group Group for class project 4 5 weeks ago Request membership
Geestelijke liederen, geistliche Lieder, Glaubenslieder, spiritual songs and old christian hymns Old Christian songs and hymns, with a classic tune (preferably Bach-like), characterized by deep biblical and spiritual lyrics, to honour God. 6 5 weeks ago Join
Pixel Clarinet Just a group that makes scores. 1 5 weeks ago Request membership
Behemoth Music Re-Producers Music from Behemoth™ Video Games. 4 5 weeks ago Join
The Rebellion we're a group of music lovers and star wars lovers, so we looked at Musescore, we thought that it would be perfect if we could post star wars music 1 5 weeks ago Request membership
AVPM Where StarKid and Potter fans compbine to listen to and arrange awesome music from the fan-made musical. Now, did somebody somebody say Ron Weasley? 4 5 weeks ago Join
Redwood Cafè-Songs Songs 1 5 weeks ago Request membership
All Time Low Music a group consisting entirely of all time low transcriptions, whether they are direct copies or adaptations. 1 5 weeks ago Join
Amazing Film Music A group for aspiring film composers! 13 5 weeks ago Join
The Musescore Critics A place for music critics on Musescore to post their work and critique others' 14 5 weeks ago Join
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