Name Description Members Created Join link
no Just like the name says it is. 2 6 weeks ago Join
Myst Revelation Theme Group Only for posting your progress on the theme! 1 6 weeks ago Request membership
Bagpipes Pipe-Scores with or without other instruments 1 6 weeks ago Join
The Piano Apprentices Only for piano works and piano discussions. Please uphold the dignity of this group and of your fellow pianists. 12 6 weeks ago Join
Secte des compositeurs français ayant plus d'une corde à leur piano . 1 6 weeks ago Join
I<3Contemporary For people who actually know the names of songs on the radio, and who the artist that made it is. 4 6 weeks ago Join
Film and Game Score Lovers For anyone who loves Film and Game Scores ( Who would've guessed? ) 22 6 weeks ago Join
Electronic-Orchestral Hybrids This group intends to create a genre of music that utilizes both modern electronic sounds and physical instruments. 11 6 weeks ago Join
Megaman Music For Megaman music (of course) 3 7 weeks ago Join Agario is love. Agario is life. 6 7 weeks ago Join
Anything You Can Upload With Competitions Anything you upload can be placed in this group to gain more popularity. Make sure to give advice on other peoples' scores through discussions. 54 7 weeks ago Join
Blue Tunes Ain't Jazz Corporation Band The Blue Tunes Ain't Jazz Corporation Band Group 3 7 weeks ago Invite only
MovieWings A group for making music for a fan animated series based on the Wings of Fire series by Tui T. Sutherland 2 7 weeks ago Request membership
Big Band Jazz A group for people who love big band music 9 7 weeks ago Join
Mario Kart Stuff Everything from Mario Kart!!! From Concert Band, to Clarinet Quartets, to Chorus, YOU NAME IT!!!! P.S. If I like your music I'll make you an admin. 10 7 weeks ago Join
The stuff doers We do stuff 1 7 weeks ago Request membership
Marching Band Group Music For Marching Bands 34 7 weeks ago Join
World Music Project this is all for an epic song! 5 8 weeks ago Join
West Africain Insgtrument and notation Share your knowledge in writing WEST Africain notation with the KORA 1 8 weeks ago Join
Music All people should be able to share music with friends! 2 8 weeks ago Join
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