Loch im Kopf

Uploaded on May 31, 2015

Updated September 19,2017
"Hole in the head" is a song about an inner experience: The hole into which you can mentally fall if you are too much identified with the longing for harmony among people. And thereby wishing to understand the basics of how the world could be more peaceful, more beautiful and more just.

Here is a literal translation of the text

First verse:
Hole in the head I fall into. Hole in the head, now you're closed. And the old fear, that eats us all, finally she has her rest.

Second verse:
Black hole, you old bucket, without bottom old barrel. You were homemade, you fool. If it were you, that would be something.

It dissolves into a dream of earth. It's dissolving, I'm not solving the mystery. It dissolves into a dream of earth, I return and see my real face.

3rd verse:
Nightingale of the midnight of deep pain and free fall, I tell you what you dark powers: What I am is everywhere

german popsong pop popmusic depression nightingale midnight cardboard dolphins fear

Pages 3
Duration 03:34
Measures 60
Key signature 1 sharp
Parts 3
Part names Piano(2), Percussion
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