Getting Started (English)

Uploaded on Apr 15, 2015

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From https://musescore.org/en/node/50571 It's here at last! Many long hours have I worked on it. This is the ultimate Getting Started score. This is the ultimate one-page introduction to note entry. Everything I could think of that made sense is included, covered in easy-to-follow, customized-style text. The instructions are easy and informative—just what a new user of MuseScore needs when they open the application for the first time. Why am I going on like I'm a commercial? Just download it and check it out! I think you'll be impressed.

tutorial getting started getting started

Pages 1
Duration 01:04
Measures 32
Key signature natural
Parts 1
Part names Piano
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License None (All rights reserved)
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Scottish Gaelic translation: https://musescore.com/user/17967611/scores/5012805
This is great! When I started it really helped me
German language version at https://musescore.com/user/2471736/scores/2582696. Thanks, Isaac for the original! Kindest regards, Christian.
Terrific! You can expect to see your version show up in the Start Center within the next 24 hours.
There is a typo at point 7. "Press Escape, select all eight notes, " should be "select all 16th notes,"
I guess it's good to report this issue in the https://musescore.com/groups/getting-started-translations group in a discussion so the translators will be notified.
Hold on—see issue https://musescore.org/en/node/68831. For the translators, though, since many are not native English speakers, perhaps there' a better way to phrase it.
Thanks for pointing me to the issue! I forgot about it. I was pointed again to this issue, via a non native English speaker. So indeed, it causes confusion among non native speakers.
Yet a third Spanish version at https://musescore.com/user/6602046/scores/1732876. Thanks, cvweb!
Korean language version at https://musescore.com/thomas/getting-started-korean. Thanks, Daliot (and Thomas)!
Dutch language version at https://musescore.com/user/3612201/scores/1661591. Thanks, Henk!
Russian language version at https://musescore.com/user/6768926/scores/1657681. Thanks, Nicolas!
Different Spanish version at https://musescore.com/user/3216351/scores/1652816. Thanks, Nicolas!
Frohe Weihnacht/Happy Christmas/Joyeux Noël! Ich wünsche dem Entwicklerteam, allen Freunden von MuseScore und allen Freunden guter Musik ein fröhliches Weihnachtsfest und ein frohes neues Jahr 2016! . I wish the developers team, all friends of MuseScore and all lovers of good music a Merry Christmas, peace and a happy new year 2016. . Je souhaite à l'équipe de développeurs, tous les amis de MuseScore et tous les amis de bonne musique un joyeux Noël, la paix et un Bonne année 2016. Viel Spaß, und: Laßt die Musik raus! Have Fun, and: Set the Music free! Amusez-vous, et: Laisser la musique ! . Herzlichst / Sincerely / Sincèrement . FarrierPete
Thank you, and a happy new year to you and to everyone! This reminded me of the words I learned from Sol Weber for the opening theme from Bizet's L'Arlesienne Suite No. 1. (Em or Fm might be good keys for group singing. Each verse can be done first in unison, then in canon.) Georges Bizet for "Carmen" is best known; / he wrote great music, some of which was not his own_. This old tune, from med-i-e-val France, / he stole! "L'Ar-les-ienne" now it does enhance. La la la la... We don't mind this petty larceny; / it's fine with us, we don't object, we're not aghast, So sing this tune, and set the music free / because we think this canon is a blast! La la la la...
French language version at https://musescore.com/skuntzmann/scores/1508111. Thanks, Sylvain!
Spanish language version at https://musescore.com/aprado/scores/878096. Thanks, Adrìan!