Valse Sentimentale

Uploaded on Jan 18, 2018

Pages 2
Duration 01:55
Measures 23
Key signature 4 flats
Parts 1
Part names Piano
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A very pretty composition you have here!
Hi Jackie, Thanks for the opportunity to download.
some left hand grace notes would be nice before the second chord per measure...
I didn't write the left hand for this. I took the chords from Tchaikovsky, and I'm just gonna take his word for it.
but that doesn't mean it was perfect as there are some bland measures (not that it was bad) it just could have had a grace note.
I appreciate your concern for the chords. However, I will take Tchaikovsky's word for it.
As composers, we should always strive to improve ourselves, and we should never settle for what we think of as passable or adequate. One thing I see (and experience) a lot is a reluctance to re-write music, because we are afraid of changing what we wrote. I'm not saying that you should apply SoysauceK's comments without careful thought, but I think it is a mistake to just "take Tchaikovsky's word for it." There will always be a better way of writing things than what we write. That's the point of composition lessons! I would probably tend to agree with SoysauceK, that something is lacking. It is a lovely little piece, but I think that it needs something else. That said, it is your composition, and you can do what you like! Nicely done, all said. =)
I have to say I disagree with Monsieur Butler somewhat. If Tchaikovsky had thought there was a better way of writing the left-hand he would have already done it since he wasn't known to be easily pleased by his efforts and was a constant re-writer. Who am I (who are we) to contradict him? Whenever we think we can do better than Pyotr Iwe can just compose something from scratch.
I wasn't necessarily saying that Tchaikovsky's progression could be improved, I was just pointing out that the mindset is flawed. :)
I know, however, my teacher (specifically) told me to make a melody on his chord progressions.
I don't at all mean that this was 'bland' in a bad sense. I mean, there COULD have been other things in certain areas but you decided for the sake of the music to not put areas there. I don't mean offense. :)
I am terrible at piano composition because I always get wrapped up in the possibilities and making huge chords and moments to get the feelings I want. This is fairly "simple" and conveys just as much emotion etc. as I want really nice job. I almost want to write a horn solo over it
I understand what you mean. While I am learning composition I like to make pieces based off others. It helps me focus less on the awesome weird ideas and more on the music.
Good idea, any pieces that I should look at for good examples of piano writing?
Yes. I follow the YouTuber: Paul Barton. He is a pianist and I discover a lot of scores from him.
Thanks ill check him out, how old are you by the way someone mentioned you being quite young
And composing like that! crazy keep it up!!

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