Even in laughter (The Book of Proverbs)

For Solo (instrumental or vocal part)

Uploaded on Sep 25, 2018

A bitter sweet symphony of life; that's how you could listen to this proverb. Joy and sorrow woven into an indivisible whole. That is what I also tried to express in this piece. Music somewhere in between major and minor. This is also represented in the time signature. What you see is a 2/4 time, but what you hear is a kind of 6/8. Only in the end the actual 2/4 is established, which sounds as a ritardando...

proverb aphorism dance baritone soprano celesta vibraphone Bible Old Testament Solomon wisdom sorrow joy life

Pages 2
Duration 00:15
Measures 9
Key signature natural
Parts 3
Part names Oboe, Percussion(2)
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License None (All rights reserved)
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This is very interesting, it goes to the very symbolization of life : you have to deal with positive things parallel to more negative matters, which explains the bittersweet theme. The glock gives the piece a childish, and so carefree dimension, while the bassoon is more heavy and suggests more negative ideas. This comes to a pretty good balance between the instruments. I love it!
Although it sounds as an odd valse, there is lots of symbolism there, like the innocent clock-like accompaniment. The sound of the oboe I only choose as a stand in for human voice. But in real a soprano (or baritone) should sing it.
Like a cabaret performance with a wry smile.
Yeah, the piece was originally conceived without accompaniment.The celesta/vibraphone give it its cabaretesk twist...