Prolog (The Book of Proverbs)

Uploaded on Sep 9, 2018

This is the opening piece of cycle of Proverbs. As a contrast to the short, aphoristic and above all very expressive proverbs, this Introduktion is composed like a recitative with accents on important words in the the text. The most important word is 'Weisheit' (wisdom) with long melismas.

proverb wisdom voice percussion bible old testatment poem Orff Musik der Sprache bariton cymbals tamtam Solomon

Pages 2
Duration 01:28
Measures 43
Key signature natural
Parts 4
Part names Bassoon, Percussion(3)
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Your piece does have that very ancient feel to it and reminded me that I had her CD from decades ago. Did you ever encounter it?
I just cheked out Suzanne Haïk-Ventoura. Very adVenturous! I didn't know her theories. It is all a bit speculative, but highly interesting. Indeed the Prolog has some allusions to her work. The main influence however was the beginning of 'Oedipus der Tyrann' by Carl Orff. Did you know this piece? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uWUgLUC6wAk
I have to say that I don't find that CD recording entirely convincing purely on the grounds that the singing is laced with vibrato which - for some reason - I can't imagine as anything other than a modern fashion. Which isn't a very good reason as it's based on personal taste and not any actual evidence :). I'm afraid I don't at all know the Orff but it looks interesting.
That piece by Orff sounds very archaic, but it is his own composition, so that is why modern singing (with vibrato) is used. Although new, the recording is from the late sixties if I am correct and the piece itself from 1959...
I can bet you composed this in continuity of the last "Das Buch der Sprüche" that I've checked out. This time you did translate it, that's good! Only critique, I think that the first bassoon notes only being E's kind of bothers me, and I don't think i'll be alone saying that. Overall it's a good bassoon (quasi-)solo.
Thank you Romain. Actually this piece is not for bassoon, but for baritone voice. Unfortunately I can't update the file. When possible I will add a recording of the piece, sung by a baritone.
De fagot moet een bas of bariton zijn, neem ik aan?
Jazeker. Dat is nog een verbeterpunt in de partituur, ware het niet dat de functie om een partituur te upaten momenteel niet werkt :(.
Wonderful! It sounds very eastern.
Thank you, Graeme! This idea comes from the great Greek tragedies by Carl Orff (Antigonae, Oedipus der Tyrann and Prometeus). Orff is the master of a new kind of recitation style, the 'Music of speaking' (Die Musik der Sprache).

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