There is a path (The Book of Proverbs)

Uploaded on Oct 2, 2018

This little proverb is an excellent example of parallellism. The first half sketches the image of a path (probably a way of living?) that seems right at first sight. But in the end it leads to nothing. Walking this misleading path is symbolized by the quasi canon between singer and piano parts. Its harsh dissonants and angular sound contrast sharply with the warm but bloomy declining line of the second part of the piece.

Wisdom Old Testamen Bible Bibel Weisheit path Weg soprano vocal piano percussion xylophone marimba vibraphone parallellism literature poem proverb Spruch Luther

Pages 3
Duration 00:23
Measures 8
Key signature natural
Parts 5
Part names Oboe, Percussion(3), Piano
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That piece doesn't quite know where it wants to go, and I consider that a good thing. Bittersweetly playful and dynamic in the first half, as it was following a seemingly straight way, tragic in the second half. The mix of moods is so bizarre, that's what makes this special to me. But that all explains itself with the lyrics. The tragic feel later on in the piece expresses death and sorrow : just like the last, ultimate path, there where the path really leads. And trust me : I'm doing these analyses and I didn't even look at the description. It also helps me to exercise for an exam I have at the end of term where I have to analyze literary texts and images in the French language.
Thank you, Romain! Good luck with your exam about analyzing literary texts and images. In what year of your studies are you btw?
Well, it's not the same classification, but I'm in the 9th grade (US system) which is the "troisième" in France. Yes, I get to do my "brevet", which is the name of the end-of-term exam :)
Fine, as always, sharp and well defined. But does a soprano go that low? It's maybe even risky for a baritone.
Thank you, Hans! Yeah, I was wondering me that too. Although I can reach that low F myself as a baritone.
Wow! A short movie lol Reminds me of those old movies that I use to watch.
Interesting! What kind of movies were that? Slapstick?
Not slapstick. Mystery crime and sometimes horror lol - The firt part reminds me when someone opens a door or something - like here with suspense - then the second part is like discovering something sad. I wish I could write like this.
I think your description exactly tells what the idea is behind this piece!