Die House (Cuphead OST 8)

Uploaded on Oct 28, 2017

I'm Mr. King Dice!

Cuphead is a great game with great music, why not transcribe it? Please tell me if you hate/like the sound of the tenor.
I hope you'll enjoy it!
Cuphead boss recommendations?

Toodle de doo!

P.S., If there are any errors in the score, please let me know.

Cuphead King Dice Die House

Pages 23
Duration 01:34
Measures 67
Key signature 1 sharp
Parts 7
Part names Voice, Piano, Guitar, Bass, Percussion(2), Tenor Saxophone
Privacy Everyone can see this score
License None (All rights reserved)
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is there one that is completly piano? Like a full piano cover?
I mean like is there a music sheet for piano.
Now I'm trying to guess how many invisible embellishments there are without downloading the file.... Hmmmm..... Edit: Wow less than I thought actually
Way back when I made this score i didn't know you could make things invisible
I made a version of this in Noteflight. I'm suddenly feeling untalented....
I'm sure you are talented! Probably noteflight (no offense...)
I don't have another program I can use, sadly. My personal laptop broke and school laptops suck.
I haven't heard of that, but I'll try it! Thanks for telling me!
Best king dice version in musescore I love it
Maybe I should Do Firey frolic next (Grim Matchstick) Waddaya think?
that'd be something i'd love to see!
K then! Will take a while, though
that'd be really cool, i'd love to see it!
The idea of the Tenor was really good but I wish that Musescore had a muffling/softening effect so the other instruments weren't as harsh. I know that transcribing voice to instruments can be really hard but some parts were a bit off. Again really good (better then what I can do) and a great piece of music.
Thank you! And yes, expected there to be some mistakes. Can you point out where, so I could fix them?
What song do you think I should transcribe? (Cuphead or not)
Temporal Spire or I Don’t Want To Say Goodbye from Pokemon Mystery Dungeon Explorers of Time, Darkness and Sky. Such beautiful songs.
Will try to do it, if I have time
Something from Professor Layton! The Last Specter theme, Don Paolo's theme, or Descole's theme are all good ones!
Don Paolo's theme from the Curious Village or Diabolical box?
Either, but I personally prefer Curious Village
I've been arranging on musescore for almost four years now, and never heard somebody bend pitches like you did on the Tenor line. If I may ask, how did you do it? It's a strange sound, but works very well with this piece!
There's a bend tool in the software. Press 'z' to access an extended list of symbols and useable tools. In there is a curved arrow with 'full' on it, under 'Articulations and Ornamentals.' To alter the bend, right click it and select 'Bend Properties.' Then, experiment to your heart's content.
Wow... even I didn't know some of the stuff you said. I just use the advanced palette (Click on basic on top and switch) and it's in articulations and ornaments section.
I use that too, but if I can't find it there, it's usually easier to press Z for a more streamlined list that isn't as compressed IMO.
You copy-pasted "I'm mister king dice" for measures 10-12, but it's actually "I never play nice." Just some constructive criticism.
Oh! Never realized that. Thanks a lot!
can you add the edited version? I just notced the mistake too
can you add the edited version? I just notced it too