Ballad of the Prince

For Solo (instrumental or vocal part)

Uploaded on Jul 8, 2019

This lulling piece was composed by Emily Black, daughter or wife (I'm not sure which) of Chuck Black, author of the Kingdom Series as well as the Knights of Arrethtrae series.
I would recommend you read his books and either buy or learn to play Emily's beautiful masterpieces.

Note: Transcribing the ties and slurs from the pages of the book to Musescore were difficult... it's very hard to tell which is which--tie or slur--when there is no audio to help distinguish the two. So I did the best I could. Updated score is coming soon.

V. 1
Over the ages and across many halls
Songs of honor and valor are sung
But the song of Prince
Surpasses them all
A ballad that's only begun

In the heart of the desert
He found a boy and made him a man
To free and to lead His Promised Ones
To the Promised Land

The people, they wandered astray
From the Prince and His truth.
The heart of the people broke
The heart of the Prince
There was but one thing to do

(rest of the lyrics are on their way...)

*Note: These lyrics were transcribed to fit the typical lyric formatting, not the kind you see in hymns where the lyrics are arranged underneath the notes. Line breaks have been added based on the transcriber's knowledge of lyrics and formatting.

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Pages 2
Duration 02:30
Measures 100
Key signature natural
Parts 1
Part names Piano
Privacy Everyone can see this score
License None (All rights reserved)
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