Animusic 1.6 - Acoustic Curves

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Uploaded on Jan 31, 2012

A transcription of the sixth track from the first Animusic CD, Acoustic Curves. See original at http://youtu.be/YqP8xMZwCnw

REVISED 2013: I went through all the Animusic scores and revised where I was wrong the first time.

REVISED 2015: I ported all the Animusic scores into MuseScore 2 and revised some wrong things I missed on the first revision cycle.

animusic david acoustic Wayne Lytle Crognale Curves

Pages 6
Duration 05:31
Measures 153
Key signature 3 flats
Parts 6
Part names Guitar, Percussion(4), Bass
Privacy Everyone can see this score
License Attribution, non-commercial, share alike
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This sounds exactly like the original. Are you sure you just didn't use the youtube video as audio?
i hava a problem where there is no drums but its weird, the drums show up and play but don't make any sound (i use midijam)
Hey, does anyone (Jesse Sykes) have any contact info for Wayne Lytle? I want to arrange this piece for my winter percussion ensemble and need to get his permission to arrange. Help me out somebody. I've tried emailing animusic directly, no one responds. I found and old Facebook for Wayne....he does not respond either.
Hey, can you make the Animusic: The Sound of Twelve: My King?
Sorry got a Jessica in my class and you can figure out the rest
guitar + piano (if you change that Dulcy^^) - great assamble for me and my friend :D -- Thank you very much for this transcription :DDDD
This is so coool! Kind of an off-topic question: how did you get instruments to be added in the middle of the song? I couldn't figure it out for the life of me...
Style => General... => Score => "Hide empty staves"
In the transcription, measure 63 beat 4 and, measure 64 beat 1, and measure 64 beat 1 and should be down half a step I believe (basically the first three notes of the run). Also, when the chimes come in, the G note doesn't play on beat 2 at all in measures 133 and 141.
Your devotion and hard work are commendable. Thank you. Much appreciated and impressed. A loyal fan.
This is a really nice piece, but to me it seems like the dulcimer is not loud enough for the melody.
You'll have to blame the website software for that. It sounded fine on my computer before I uploaded it.
Wow , This Must of Taken Days. I,m Gonna Tell my freinds about this.