Animusic 1.7 - Harmonic Voltage


About this sheet music

A transcription of the seventh track of the first Animusic CD, Harmonic Voltage. See original at

REVISED 2013: I went through all the Animusic scores and revised where I was wrong the first time.

REVISED 2015: I ported all the Animusic scores into MuseScore 2 and revised some wrong things I missed on the first revision cycle.

Genre: Contemporary
Format: Transcription

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Worship The 47 -Yuki-'s picture

I is first comment yay. Nice job on all animusic 1 songs. Though I have not yet seen the 2.#, I think they will be cool.

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Uploaded Feb 1, 2012
Pages 8
Duration 6:05
Measures 158
Key signature natural
Parts 9
Part names
  • Strings
  • Synthesizer (4)
  • Guitar
  • Percussion (3)
License Attribution, Noncommercial, Share Alike
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