Undertale - 048 "Alphys"

Uploaded on Mar 11, 2016

undertale alphys

Pages 1
Duration 01:24
Measures 23
Key signature 2 flats
Parts 1
Part names Piano
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License Attribution, non-commercial, share alike
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Did anyone heard "She's Playing the Piano" leitmotif in measures 19-23? *Alphyne intestifies* *FVCKING TRIGGERED*
How did you make the triple reprise in measure 6-10 without voltas?
Right click on the repeat sign and set it to repeat 3 times. Only really need voltas if it changes each time.
BOI I can't even figure out how to arrange the bottom part. The fact that it's arrangeable fills me with DETERMINATION
When Alphys keeps updating her status... that triggered me so much
Mew Mew Kissy Cutie 2 review: not kissy, or cutie!!!
Yeah, I got so triggered when Alphys wouldn't stop texting me.
jester musician you have out done yourself. you were my first introduction to musescore and you continue to amaze me one song at a time
... I am speechless. Jester Musician, once again, you have blown the mind of EnderBotPlays.
Very possible that this is the best song ever. Or, if not, Alphys is the best character. She is just awesome.
Holy crap. This song is so awkward, just like good 'ol Alphys.
I love alphys so much~ she is so relatable ;D
Quirkilly. Q u i r k i l l y . Q u i r k i l l y . Q u i r k-- I'll stop now.
Just so everyone knows, I feel that it would be played at 83 percent (sorry I'm late)
Oh my god this sounds like the real thing!!
May I use this sheet music for a cover I'm doing on my group channel? We'll give full credit to you! Thank you!
How do you make a segment repeat thrice? Nice job btw ^^
You right click the last measure in the repeat and change the repeat amount. Hope this helps!
This is so similar to the real thing!
WHO LET TEMMIE IN HERE? not me bro DID YOU LEAVE THE TEMMIE FLAKES OUT AGAIN?!?!?!? ...oops... now we are going to have a temmiache SANS ENOUGH WITH THE PUNS but they are SANSational I DISOWN YOU BROTHER!!!!
Amazing! (although a little faster than it should be IMO)
this can be resolved by going into the 3 dots at the upper-right corner and changing the playback speed. I just found this out today!
i like the dissonant chord/resolve in the beginning
Great job as always! I love how you did the discordant chords.