Undertale - 076 "Bergentrückung" / 077 "ASGORE"

Uploaded on Jan 20, 2016

undertale asgore boss

Pages 6
Duration 02:55
Measures 64
Key signature 4 sharps
Parts 1
Part names Piano
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License Attribution, non-commercial, share alike
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dont do tinkle bell. JUST DONT IM BEGGING YOU PLEASE
listen on electric bass (finger)
Its not horrible on recorder, but i prefer it on ocarina. Here’s the links for the videos I watched: (Recorder: https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=qgO1HRJsYRI) (Ocarina: https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=Wh6MPE1XUoM)
when you think the game is over but then you find out SANS
Im trying to play this. I can never find any PLAYABLE sheet music. Some of it is just for the computer to record or cost money. :/
Slight mistake, the key changes to F for Asgore
*You’re filled with DETERMINATION to learn this song
The determination left me as soon as I saw measure 11
you're filed with de-temmie-nation (temmie's pun)
A strange light filled the room Twilight is shining through the barrier It seems your journey has finally come to an end You are filled with DETERMINATION
Me Gosh!! Dah Determination!!! Luvett
Nice! The beginning of ASGORE should be a little louder though. Mezzo-piano is fine for the first measure. After that, however, it should be at least mezzo-forte. Forte wouldn't be bad. Overall, the bass clef is too quiet compared to the treble, but it's not ear-hurting bad. Part C could be a bit louder from the beginning, and the fortissimo(ff) would be better as a fortississimo (fff). A few more parts throughout the song are like this. Don't be afraid to use to much dynamic variation, but don't make mezzo parts too quiet, or forte parts too loud. (Softer (piano) parts can be very quiet, as long as they are still easily hearable at medium volume). One last thing: How do I play measure 8? That F#1B3D#4 is probably impossible for most. My hands are just barely to small to reach the B3 from either the F#1 or the D#4. Is there a good compromise note/notes that are harmonies for the B3, or should I omit a note? If so, what note should be omitted?
Walking into the hospital with a shattered left hand
My left hand always starts aching towards the end... But that doesn't matter when you have DETERMINATION.
Composer, It was nice to meet you. Goodbye.
Oh god. Give me a year or two maybe and I'll have it down.
bergentrukung is E major, Asgore is too but it should me in F major
The only keys with 4 sharps (#) are E major & C# minor. You can tell its E major here and not C# minor due to lack of accidentals throughout the sheet music.
If you can't tell what key it is in, then you have no chance of successfully playing this song and it is quite possibly out of your league.
or you are self taught and havent learned that much music theory
you have inspired me to accept the fact that I'll never be good enough. *Sniff*
* Nice Composition. * = ) * By Chara
* Ah, here I found some replicate of me. * Why are you hesitating? * Just kill it. = )
Although I want to destroy humanity and the monsters...this human who makes this wonderful music will be spared.
*downloads peice* whooo boy I am in over my head.
The left hand of asgore only loosely fits at the start, but it's really good for one piano!
I love your scores there awesome : ) !-! ?-?
Bergentrückung wasn't too hard. Then I looked at ASS-gore and I died...