Undertale - 098 "Battle Against a True Hero"

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Uploaded on Feb 12, 2016

undertale undyne undying boss

Pages 5
Duration 02:34
Measures 66
Key signature 4 flats
Parts 1
Part names Piano
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License Attribution, non-commercial, share alike
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I love this songs know how to play it thought heheh he...heh...heh ok I’m done.
I know musescore is a lesser-known social medium but it's people like everyone making those cringey undertale references that make me quit.
nostalgia right in one song... I still haven't finished the genocide run and it has been 3 years...
Im trying to defeat sans. I keep a tally on how many times I die and im at about 72
If you want a cool trick, there a website called Bad Time Simulator. It's helpful when you want to practice but can't get to the actual game.
Ye bad time simulator is where I go because I don’t have undertale ;-;
Well I was just playing it and notice you’re (player) level of violence is at 19 which isn’t a genocide. But how are you fighting sans?
Oh I didn’t play the real game ever so... yeah
That is genius. I’ll check it out and maybe I can actually finish it one day...
Yeah, now we're going to post a TON of them! A skele-TON!
Nice. That one was pretty humerus!
join me
(this song is good)
I always feel like their arrangements focuses more on accuracy than whether it's playable
Tem iz angriez!
Zomeone copy paste me!
There are many fish in the sea... BUT THIS IS MY FISH!!!! NNNNNNGGGGGGGAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Genocide player doesn’t deserve a good soundtrack
For those wondering why the song is written in 8/8, the rhythms are groups as 3 eights, 3 eights and 2 eights. In 4/4, the beats are grouped as equal sets of 2 eights.
Everyone's hopes and dreams shall live on in this song! ↖🐟
Thank you so much, this is a great arrangement. This track by far, is one my favourites from Undertale.
Error: Lefthand.exe has failed successfully.
damn... its the same thing with the "Asgore/Burgentrucken" arrangement... i tried to learn that one but... my left hand...
LeftHand.exe a cessé de fonctionner. Que voulez-vous faire?
been a while since i have looked at undertale sheet music! or sheet music at ALL for that matter xD. i spend too much time on RSA XDDD
"With that kind of power, THIS WORLD WILL LIVE ON!"
Nice!! It is a great arrangement, but my left hand will have a bad time... If you've heard this song before in undertale, you are an evil person