Undertale - 036 "Dummy!"

Uploaded on Feb 12, 2016

Watch this performed by Persegan: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kTDcOvllcmg

undertale dummy boss

Pages 5
Duration 02:26
Measures 50
Key signature 2 flats
Parts 1
Part names Piano
Privacy Everyone can see this score
License Attribution, non-commercial, share alike
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Did i heard some one call me a dummy!?
Don't Care...DUMMY!
I think I'll try to learn "Ghost Fight" before attempting this, as "Dummy!" is a more complicated remix of "Ghost Fight".
The only 'c' is where u said "spot the c".
I've uploaded a string version of Dummy based on this arrangement to my account - hopefully that's okay.
no. "Dummy!" is a REMIXED version of ghost fight. This one is just fast dummy
Ghost fight is literally the slower version Dummy
thank you, this music is really easy to play (I play the piano for 6 years)
played piano for 3 years sight red this in 2 days played the whole thing fluently in 4 days
hehe, Don't worry If you filled with determination you'll play this music
Can I use your piece in a medley I am creating?
I would say yes, as long as there is credit. Jester has been inactive on Musescore for the last year, so I doubt he would respond, but what's the worst that could happen, as long as you give him credit?
It's really hard to play, almost impossible for me, but I love this swingy feel of the song! That's why I'm still lovin' this OST even after I left the fandom.
Measures 19-20 don’t really feel right. I swear I can hear some kind of weird pattern that sounds like overlapping recordings of the Ghost Fight’s notes in the actual ost.

Otherwise, great work! It’s easy to read )not so much for playing though, Xd)
If I'm right, Dummy! is remixed of Ghost Fight.
If this reads repettitvely and annoyingly, I think my crappy phone might have glitched the comment.
I'm trying to learn this on the piano, is it possible?
It looks very hard but its not so much and practicing will do its work
Yes, in fact there is a link up top to someone playing it - although they do make a few mistakes. I encourage you to attempt it!
At measure 14, the first two low sixteenth piano notes should be one half-step lower. The last eighth note should also be two half-steps lower.
Who needs eyeballs when u got this song
Who needs friends? I'VE GOT AMAZING MUSIC!
you're wrong lmao. maybe the undertale midi file downloaded his arrangement? wow youre dumb,
I was just messing with the score with the sounds on Musescore the program then..... Suddenly.... There was this perfect combination..... Of Choir Synthesizer (Space Voice), Koto, and Shamisen (Japanese traditional instruments).... Especially the ending..... It was so beautiful......

(Ok I'm just saying random words. I know :P)
Dude, please don't swear, kids use this site. Got it?
when you change the instrument to banjo it sounds so funny!
I tried it out lol It IS funneh!!!! XD
I was watching the performance of this, and somehow, I ended up at Smooth McGroove doing Mute City from F-Zero a capella... only me...