Undertale - 080 "Finale"

Uploaded on Apr 13, 2016

undertale flowey asriel boss

Pages 3
Duration 01:41
Measures 28
Key signature 4 flats
Parts 1
Part names Piano
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License Attribution, non-commercial, share alike
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Some games have obscure fangames. We have fangames almost as famous as the actual game (i.e. Underfell, Dreamtale, Underfresh, etc...) We even have fangames of fangames (i.e. Devilovania of Storyshift or Swapfell and Storyswap and Underfell). Some games have comic dubs. We have comic dubs of the fangames. And then, when you play Undertale, it's just some RPG game. WTH?
measure 13 is actually wrong (but a lot of people don’t hear it so I’m just pointing it out) the song memory plays on that measure but I could see how you missed that or maybe because this is just for piano (well there some trivia for ya anyways)
It's not too hard unless you're like me and miss the act button
How did you do to put 1 white at the same time as a round at measure 2 ?
..Thank you so much! i can now play it on the piano, slowly...
but may update since notes are not divisive
I could play this if I simplified the left hand and the right hand in the last part
I can now play this! This is a really good piece and really fun, keep up the good work! My next goal... be able to play at 150% speed!
Nice. For some reason the first couple measures make no sound for me though...
Imma try playing this. (ten seconds later) ⌐╦╦═─ - - - - - 0 (the 0 is meh brain)
Flowey's defense dropped to 0!
you... you...
[file 3 loaded]
don't set the playback speed to 50%...just a tip...great song by the way!
why? It sounds pretty decent that way...
150% I awesome!!! 9/10 monkeys on boats. just make it uhhh... playable.
Despite the difficult rhythms, this is actually easier to master.
I think I could actually see myself mastering this one in time. In segments. Just nothing like Spider Dance.
It's not supposed to be playable. He makes these mostly for listening pleasure. If you CAN play it, you have a gift.
I do have a gift kind sir, thank u
I believe that. But I do not have that gift, kind sir