440BPM - My New Epic Music Song Thingy

Uploaded on Sep 25, 2017

Another Re-upload. I wrote this in June.
Browsing round Musescore.com one day, I noticed that RookWizard (great composer BTW ( https://musescore.com/rookwizard )) Had a Ten Minute challenge on, where the composer has ten minutes only to write a song. I decided to give it a try, but after almost 7 hours work, I created this.
Enjoy :) And please comment.

Pages 34
Duration 03:25
Measures 244
Key signature 1 flat
Parts 16
Part names French Horn, Percussion(2), Strings(4), Bass(3), Piano, Tuba(3), Trumpet, Guitar
Privacy Everyone can see this score
License None (All rights reserved)
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