Mind Over Matter (WIP)

For Symphony Orchestra

Uploaded on Jan 12, 2019

UPDATE 03/02/2019
I have now finished section 2, and am now onto section 3. Also, because I'm now using a custom soundfont, all of the sounds are messed up. Whoops.

UPDATE 21/01/2019
I've made some progress, but I'm not too sure about some parts. One is the guitar solo in bars 49-56. I don't know if it fits, if it's good, or if it was ever a good idea in the first place. The other is the transition between the A section, which is the big dramatic dystopian part that was already there, and the B section, which has a slower, more sinister tone to it. I basically did nothing with the transition because I have no ideas, so some help there would be appreciated. Thanks. :)

UPDATE 20/01/2019
I finally have a melody! I tried to take some of the advice given to me by G. B. Wanscher, until i realised that odd chords were exactly what I was going for. So, naturally, I made the chords even stranger. And, after A LOT of tinkering, it kind of worked. I spent a long time trying to play it at my keyboard, and eventually, the right chords, along with this melody, just sort of fell into place.
Also, I decided not to touch the first two pages. I did try to change them to make them follow exactly the same chords as the main section, but it just didn't really work. This still sounds OK though, so I'm not too bothered.

It's still not complete, of course. There's still a long way to go before I'm done with it. I just wanted to get people opinions on it. Thanks in advance for any advice. :)

Original Description 12/01/19:

Oh, lord. Here we go.

So this is probably my most ambition project to date, including all of the ones I haven't uploaded to Musescore. It has taken me months just to get in a state which I can upload, and i still don't have the main melody.

It features a full symphony orchestra plus a choir, several synthesizers and a rock band. I intend (and have attempted to already, to varying results) to use Ableton to mix and edit this, and possibly have some live recording for solos.

The idea with this piece is that it is the theme to a dramatic dystopian movie set in a world where people's minds are technologically "enhanced." However, the corporation who does the enhancing has become corrupt, and taken over the world. This is the theme to a cinematic opening for the film.

Please note that this piece is VERY unfinished, so please don't be TOO critical. Ideas would be appreciated though.

Orchestral Hybrid Sci-Fi Dystopia Fantasy Symphony Epic WIP Synthesizers

Pages 16
Duration 05:58
Measures 129
Key signature 3 flats
Parts 42
Part names Piano(6), Oboe(2), Harpsichord(2), French Horn(2), Keyboard(2), Percussion(5), Tuba, Timpani, Strings(3), Guitar(6), Violin, Contrabass, Voice(4), Bass(3), Brass Ensemble, Synthesizer(2)
Privacy Everyone can see this score
License None (All rights reserved)
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