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Violin, Piano
This is the biggest project I've worked on so far and I hope you guys like it~ Here's a medley with all the main themes of Toby Fox's wonderful game of Undertale! (yes, ALL of them)

Here's a rough list of the songs used in order in which they appear in the medley:
1) Once upon a Time
4) Fallen Down
10) Ghost Fight
59) Spider Dance
19) Dog Bass
21) Dogsong / 43) Temmie Village
46) Spear of Justice
100) Megalovania
25) Dating Start!
15) Sans
72) Song that Might play when You Fight Sans
16) Nyeh Heh Heh!
55) Can you Really Call this A Hotel, I...
49) It's Showtime
50) Metal Crusher
66) Last Episode!
56) Confession
98) Battle against a True Hero
65) CORE
Hidden) Gaster Theme
90) Hist Theme
71) Undertale
94) Respite
14) Heartache
76) Bergentruckung
77) Asgore
87) Hopes and Dreams
89) SAVE the World
92) Reunited
101) Good Night


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Here's a piano only version, if anyone's interested~
Note: I used a couple other pieces as reference so it's not entirely original~ And of course it's a piano cover of the Tokyo Ghoul anime opening.


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Voice, Violin, Clarinet, Piano
Tokyo Ghoul OSA full 4-parts version.
Note: this piece is a cover of the Tokyo Ghoul anime opening, and I've used other pieces for reference for the piano part. Otherwise, the violin and clarinet parts are completely original~!

This Game

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Voice, Violin, Clarinet, Piano
No Game No Life Opening Arranged for 4 instruments.
Note: piano part was written by another composer. Only the violin and clarinet parts are original.