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Hey guys, justi_000 here back with another awesome score!
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So right off the bat you may be wondering why 7? Like where's part 1-6? What War? So I am making a musical epic that I am sure you will enjoy. So actually part 7 is my most completed part. In total there will be 15 parts all mashed up into one long epic score. This is still a WIP so I would totally love if you gave me some feedback on what to improve. Thanks!

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Below is the synopsis of the song/musical/story epic
A small kingdom is invaded by it's large hostile neighbor.
I. The Call to Arms
The aging king, in a desperate attempt to save his nation, decrees that all people ages 12-60 must enlist for the army to defend the small nation.
II. The Great Mustering
As men and women of all ages flood into the makeshift camps they are armed and prepared for the battle that would define their nation.
III. To the Field of Battle
Having assembled their troops the army marches to meet the enemy. Singing songs and chants to keep their morale high.
IV. The Council of Generals
On the eve of battle, the generals of the army assemble to and make plans to stop the enemy horde. Planning just how to save their nation from defeat.
V. The Face of the Enemy
The morning dawns and the generals realize the they severely underestimated the enemy's troops. As it looks as though they are outnumbered 50-1
VI. The Desperate Charge
Faced with no other choice the army is ordered to assault the enemy, and a desperate one-sided battle ensues.
VII. The Cost of War
The enemy pulls back in the evening to regroup and rest, and the soldiers look and see the horror of the aftermath of the battle. Seeing just how costly the war has been for each of them on a personal level.
VIII. Counterstrike
As the troops lay sleeping, grieving the loss of the dead friends, the enemy springs and attacks the unprepared soldiers.
IX. The Desperate Retreat
Completely overwhelmed by the enemy, the soldiers flee into the woods.
X. Flight in the Woods
The story now turns and follows the journey of a small band of soldiers as they flee for their lives though the dangerous treacherous forest.
XI. Sacrifice
Unable to escape, one young woman sacrifices it all to save her friends from death.
XII. Mourning
Having escaped in the woods, the soldiers grieve the loss of their companions especially the loss of their friend.
XIII. The Woodmen
They are found by friendly woodmen, who take the soldiers to their cottage for rest and healing
XIV. Healing
The Woodmen and their families do all they can to help the young men and women recuperate and leave the horrors of war behind.
XV. A New Life
Being brought back to full strength, and realizing that they are in another country, they soldiers start a new life in the forest and men and women of the trees.

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Pages 4
Duration 02:05
Measures 26
Key signature 4 sharps
Parts 20
Part names Voice(4), Strings(2), Piccolo, Flute, Clarinet, Trumpet, French Horn, Trombone, Tuba, Cello, Contrabass, Percussion(2), Piano, Guitar, Harp
Privacy Everyone can see this score
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