Prelude in D "French" (original)

For Solo (instrumental or vocal part)

Uploaded on Sep 2, 2019

As school has started again, and usually for me with these sorts of times, my creativity goes wild and I often make music out of the blue. This one is kind of the same. And it's also a result from my experimentation with modes and nonfunctional harmony. In essence, this piece is in D dorian mode, both the melody and the bass line are completely in dorian and even some of the cadences are modal (so not V-i, but v-i, in the case of dorian). While the harmony is very much nonfunctional, although it does have occasional dominant qualities, it's mainly sus'ed out dominant chords, slash chords or quartal chords with added suspensions. While the middle section is a little experiment I did with a very old french technique called fauxbourdon. I don't use it all the way through the section, but in quite a few places. And the title 'french' I gave because of the obvious qualities the piece has, but also because of the heavy inspiration from Debussy. So I hope you enjoy this little creative burst!

piano original D dorian modal mode church D major B major F-sharp major major F-sharp F# F# major C-sharp major C# C# major Chopin Debussy Scriabin French dissonant chromatic nonfunctional moderate easy difficulty andante dolce slow creepy quiet Impressionist

Pages 3
Duration 02:01
Measures 79
Key signature natural
Parts 1
Part names Piano
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