Valse d Amour

Uploaded on Nov 20, 2017

I wrote this Piano piece three years ago to salute my brother and his wife on their day of wedding. It was performed live that very day and no more after that. Now share it with you guys. Enjoy!
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Pages 3
Duration 02:36
Measures 85
Key signature 2 sharps
Parts 1
Part names Piano
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License None (All rights reserved)
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Reminds me of "All I Ask of You" from The Phantom of the Opera
Lovely arrangement. I like all the notes where they are. My ear expands into the technical range. Sound fonts can be enhanced with PHRASING. Pedal helps a lot. Adding phrase lines to your score will give the lilting feel that I miss in this playback. At measure 35, my ear wants arpeggiated chords, (rather than block chords,) to echo the previous left hand pattern. Grace notes are great add. Measure 71 tempo change is clean and unnoticed to the ear. Works good software technique. Really like it. Thanks!
Thanks for the feedback Gary! I will defenitley put in phrase lines, as you suggested. It makes the music all clearer.
Thank you! I'm glad you liked it! :)
:'D Great music! You really should try soundfonts... I'm sure you could be better recognized! :')
Thank you! I'm always searching for new and intersting soundfonts but it's sometimes hard to find good ones I think. Any suggestions? I know you make your own soundfonts but perhaps you know some ones? Would be great to have ONE soundfont that covers ALL instruments and makes them sound for real. :)
I listed soundfonts I use in my pieces sometimes. Some ones make the full orchestra and other stuff. There is for example the HQ orchestral, the Timbres of Heaven, PapelMedia GM 2007... They are quite good but they don't sound like real of course. It is hard to make a soundfont sounds real... ;)
Great! The chorus really sounds like Turn your eyes upon Jesus though. :) It is beautiful!
Thank you SoysauceK. I'm glad you liked it. :)
The piece itself sounds like everything I've ever dreamed a piano piece would sound like. It's soft, elegant, simple but powerful, and definitely worth the effort and love that was put into it.
Thank you once again. Feel free to print it out and play. I would be honoured. :)
Words cannot describe the emotions that befall me while listening to this piece. Your brother is a very lucky man, not only to have the girl of his dreams but to have an amazingly talented brother compose this extravagant piece of music for his wedding day <3
Thank Ceascer for your kind words. It truly means a lot. I`m not a man of speeches at weddings. I speak through music instead. :)
What a nice wedding gift. Really nice piece as well as its performance.

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