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For Mixed Quartet

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Uploaded on Jan 29, 2016

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warning: saxual content ahead!

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https://clyp.it/key1hnug (w/ solo)
https://clyp.it/jqn0c1fb (w/o solo)

for more songs, check out my clyp profile! https://clyp.it/user/navzitwq

Dolphin Shoals Nintendo Mario Super Mario Super Mario Bros. Mario Kart Mario Kart 8 Wii U Wii

Pages 7
Duration 02:49
Measures 98
Key signature 3 flats
Parts 7
Part names Alto Saxophone, Guitar, Piano, Bass, Percussion(2), Strings
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the end of the solo is so high that musescore cant play it. wow.
Great job, Mario kart 8 definitely has a great soundtrack
Bet so tips for trying to hit the high notes you can hit the high notes easier with weaker reeds like a 2 even though i usually play on a 4 it'll sound like trash at first nut with practice it'll be easy
Undertoad, there are certain altissimo fingerings that you can use to squeak out that high f sharp...
im trying to download using the " pdf including parts " feature, but when looking at the sax only part it display the image you used on the cover, and its basically blocking the first 32 measures. Please help
Umm idk what to do man... Sorry about that, you could ask someone from MuseScore?
Heh, well the pros really take advantage of those altissimo notes, eh? Yeah, written range is F above the staff, but in improvised solos, a lot of sax players like to play way higher.
I am not aware that you could go higher but could do a little looking pretty sure High G is playable but is going to be some absurd button combination to do so...oh well worth an attempt. Going to try to play this with a few friends in the case and they are noobs and I have to be the pro of the group and determine if it's in range to possibly play. Anyways worth an attempt
Well, altissimo (anything higher than F above the staff) is achieved mostly through specific fingerings and overtones (blowing harder to get a higher note). It's a complicated and advanced technique, but with practice it isn't too difficult. And yes, the absurdly high notes are possible :p
The fact that it's so high the soundfont just gave up and said no high note for you. I have actually reached that really high E before. It's an E7 to be honest. To reach it on alto, your fingering should be Thumb (Octave Key) and your Eb Palm Key, then just put a crap ton of air in it and eventually it'll pop. Make sure your reed size is at least 3.5 though
I'm not exactly sure but in all my years of playing alto sax I have never had to play that high! (Not sure if that is even possible to play those high notes...) Really was wanting to play that alto part in real life. I think the highest note you can play on alto is a high F which is really high in range. I don't think I can go any higher :(
That's not true at all, i've been playing my horn (cheap student yamaha alto) for about a year and i already have almost an octave's worth of notes above my F. I'm assuming you're a classical player Undertoad, which is why you haven't needed to play up high (either that or you're lying about your experience, but you can never tell when it's on the net so i'll assume you're good). To play Altissimo notes isn't too hard if you have a lot of experience with your horn already. There are fingering charts you can find, and if they don't work immediately then you may need to work on your overtones(google it if you don't know, i'd assume some(?) classical players don't learn about it), which is the root of how altissimo works. You can play altissimo on any note on your sax but the specific fingerings are for making the high notes more in tune. Basically, they don't stop at F. Have fun.
Yep you're totally right the highest possible note on alto is a g you play with a "false fingering" is the first and third fingers
Technically you can play up to a high D and octave above the high D
AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAOO AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA AAAA- you got Pro!!!!!!! Congrats!!!! (Now hurry up and post everything you ever made hehe, it's all great ^.^) I'm excited to see what you do! -Justin
pssh, that drum part doesn't scare me *cowers at dotted notes*
Wow, this is really good! Even though MuseScore2's Sax couldn't sound faker, this is awesome!
The only Mario Kart 8 Song on this website that sounds like the real song. (◕‿◕)
I was exposed to sax and violins at a young age ;-; (Im sorry, I had to... I bet everyone's heard that one a million times lol) This arrangement feels like it keeps getting faster, maybe I'm crazy haha Great work! -Justin
What happened to that amazing Sweet Sweet Canyon Remix you did?
I accidentally deleted it, haha. :P
Damn it! I liked it better than Flashkirby's version. His was in 4/4 time, so it looked like a mess. Where as you had it in 2/2 time, so it looked much nicer.
Well I guess I could repost it for you if you want? I don't mind.
Alright, I put the score back up, just for you. :P
but give a pro account at this man!!
:O I have no words for this. Great work! :P
Thanks, man! I really like your music, too!
Good job, also think you might like my music
These descriptions are great :D Again, a really great arrangement! Them sax solos are just too good :3 Great work! I look forward to more!

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