By the Oak Tree

Uploaded on Dec 2, 2018

It started off in a weird way, the young, eight year old girl just wanted to find a tree to climb. The boy , around the same age, just wanted to find some bugs in the tree. Well, it so happened that the two became good friends. They would meet at the oak tree near the playground and talk about random stuff. This continued into their teen years. They'd quietly slip a note in each other's mailbox. The note would contain when to meet near the tree that had now became the established meeting spot. The two became very good friends.
The summer they were both 15, the girl moved away. They traded phone numbers and kept in touch, but only for so long before they slowly drifted apart.
The boy had just graduated and was walking around the park, before he noticed a familiar figure standing near the tree. He walked over to the tree quickly, hoping that his guess was right. The girl turned around.
It was the girl he had, years before, met by the oak tree.

Thanks for listening, guys! Critique and comments are apprciated!

story piano

Pages 3
Duration 02:55
Measures 72
Key signature 4 flats
Parts 1
Part names Piano
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License None (All rights reserved)
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