Was It All In Vain?

Uploaded on Jul 15, 2019

The girl stood at the mountain top, pulling her cloak closer to her, shivering.
"Was it all in vain?" she whispered softly. She and other people had formed a group, a group that charged the attacking dragons when no one else did.
That group was gone now, all either in various parts of the forest, or worse.
"No." A warm voice said from behind her. The girl turned around. A warrior stood behind her.
"It was not in vain. The whole kingdom now has heard of the charge, the lost cause, against the dragons. It has stirred them from their naive slumber, and they are paying more attention to keeping people safe.
Yes, you lost. However, your loss has inspired many others, others who would have been too scared to be the first, to now be the second, and free the prisoners hidden in the mountain.
So, no, it was not in vain."

I might rename this later or something, so that it makes more sense or something to people not reading the story.
As always, feedback and critique are appreciated! Thanks for listening!

storytime piano and strings

Pages 3
Duration 02:24
Measures 39
Key signature natural
Parts 6
Part names Piano, Strings(5)
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