Monk's Got Rhythm

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Uploaded on Jul 26, 2011


jazz leadsheet Lead Sheet

Pages 1
Duration 01:04
Measures 32
Key signature 1 flat
Parts 1
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Should that C-natural in measure 19 be a B#? Yes, I know. In the key of C you would get an F##. Do you think it would be good to use B#?
Technically, B# is indeed more correct. But I suspect most people would rather read it as is. A judgement call, to be sure.
There are no instument names to delete when creating a new lead sheet using either of the lead sheet templates. When creatng a score from scratch for a specific instrument (ie, not a lead sheet), you can delete the name of that instrument if you wish by right clicking and selecting Staff Properties. Normally, though, the main reason to ever create a score from scratch would be if it is an arrangement for several instruments, and in that case, you wouldn't want to delete the instrument names, although you might want to edit them (Alto 1, Alto 2 instead of just Alto Saxophone and Alto Saxophone).
Cool! How do you get rid of the instrument names on the left side?

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