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Funky samba

Genre: Jazz
Format: Composition

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leomusicsantos's picture

Yes, certainly it's a high quality samba! Congratulation...

Marc Sabatella's picture

Thanks for the kind words! These piecs are all performed regularly, and many of the have been recorded. At some point I do hope to upload recordings to accompany the scores here on I know they are still working on ways of making that happen, though.

DIM's picture

Hope you'll make all your beautiful songs with a band or a music program someday. Not that I'm lazy, but sometimes there are kids to be fed and a wife to kiss and at that time it would be great to walk around in the house and listen to what you have been thinkin about groove, instrumentation and voicing. And find a place to start. You make so many beautiful things, so the main problem is where to start.

Marc Sabatella's picture

Thanks! I do have several recordings out that include many of my compositions, but nothing for the last five years or so, and there are a lot of pieces as yet unrecorded. This piece - Pinwheel - is actually on a CD entitled "Doing All Right" by saxophonist Keith Oxman.

JGitar's picture

Man - that Keith Oxman record is killer!!

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Uploaded Jul 27, 2011
Pages 2
Duration 3:58
Measures 45
Key signature 3 flats
Parts 1
Part names
  • Piano
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