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Med. swing

Genre: Jazz
Format: Composition

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Pensive's picture

I think it'd be interesting to hear a solo version of this in the style of Bill Evans... but damn! he's dead.

Marc Sabatella's picture

That's exactly what I had in mind when writing it, hence the title!

Pensive's picture

Hahaha! I made an impromptu harmonization at the piano and I started hearing (in my mind) a trio setting with Bill comping in his distinctive way...

That makes me think that maybe you could provide your leadsheets with a simple accompainment in long notes, and then set the that saff invisible. I don't know if that's possible...

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Uploaded Aug 1, 2011
Pages 1
Duration 1:29
Measures 40
Key signature 3 flats
Parts 1
Part names
  • Piano
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