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Gentle jazz waltz

Genre: Jazz
Format: Composition

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刘佳琦长号手's picture

how can you make a display a system, in the next section shows two system?

Marc Sabatella's picture

If I understand you correctly, you want Style / Edit General Style / Hide Empty Staves. If you have further questions on using MuseScore, you should ask on the support forums on musescore.org

Marc Sabatella's picture

FYI, I just uploaded a small update to the score. Nothing major, but it has always bothered me that I didn't keep the three-voice texture consistent throughout the middle section. My arrangements of this piece for larger ensembles were always better about this, and I decided to try to incorporate this back into the original lead sheet version. The voices in the middle section still enter one at a time (in "stretto", for those theoretically inclined) but they no longer drop out simply because it is difficult to represent three voices at once on one staff. It basically amounts to a couple dozen additional notes on page 2, creating a slightly more complex texture.

Some day I still hope to do a definitive recording of this!

Marc Sabatella's picture

Thanks! Yes, I can play it (solo piano), and will try to make a reocrding soon. I'm having my piano tuned tomorrow and was waiting for that. I've already played it live a couple of times - once with a saxophonist last week just hours after finishing it, and once with a bassist a couple of days later. I also just finished a septet arrangement of it and rehearsed it this evening with a group I lead.

Calem Bendell's picture

Please record whatever you can! With as many people as you can.

Calem Bendell's picture

Excellently done, perhaps worth a feature elsewhere as well, and I'm not really a fan of jazz... at all. Very, very nice. And beautifully done as a fugue as well.

Can you perform it?

Marc Sabatella's picture

Thanks for the kind words! Yes, I definitely set out to write a piece that would fuse classical and jazz in a way I had never really tried before. The opening section is a 100% by-the-book Baroque-style fugue exposition. After the solo section at letter C, the notated passages at letters D-H are the beginnings of "middle entry" passages - again completely legit in terms of how they are structured, except I'm obviously leaving portions of those passages open for improvisation. I've written complete "classical" fugues before, including some using jazz harmonies, but when I then tried to combine these with improvisation, it always sounded forced. For this piece I really wanted to integrate improvisation - and a jazz rhythmic/sonic sensibility as well - right into the core of the fugue rather than tack it on afterwards. So while I wouldn't rule out some day working out a fully notated middle entry and concluding section, I kind of went out of my way not to do that here.

mshefa's picture

Wow. Reminds me of old Baroque music with counterpoint, although much less structured. Very cool. Does sound much more classical than jazz, don't know if that was intended. Would you be interested in developing it as a classical piece? Could be very interesting, a modern sounding piece that evokes baroque texture. Favorited.

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Uploaded Aug 13, 2011
Pages 3
Duration 3:18
Measures 108
Key signature 4 flats
Parts 2
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  • Piano (2)
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