Time-Keeper's Secret

Uploaded on Sep 24, 2017


After an immensely long hiatus, I am back at it again (and with better music)! I can't wait to try to make a presence again =w=)b

adventure cinematic epic awesome fl studio matyze return soundtrack mystery what else can I write

Pages 73
Duration 03:51
Measures 125
Key signature 4 sharps
Parts 7
Part names Piano(2), Percussion(2), Strings(3)
Privacy Everyone can see this score
License Attribution
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This is amazing. I just came back from the dead on here to find this. Keep up the good work! Can you get in touch with me sometime? I'd love to catch up again.
I love time travel and this song seems to sum it all up. Thank you for the wonderful music.
Great job. I can't say exactly how I'm surprised about your work.
Danielg says to tell you he said: "That is the best piece I have every heard on Musescore!" and I agree!
This is really awesome! Good job! I made a piece how i imagined the piece would be looking at it for the first time, looking at your piano part. It has some (much) similarities , but I tried to put my own composing style into it. Would you, by any chance, like to hear it? I won't do anything with it until I get your permission to do so, but I just wanted to share it with you. I hope to get a respond from you as I absolutely love your scores, Gerben Buijze
I would absolutely love to hear your music! It always makes me very happy to hear other people's renditions of my songs. You can go ahead and upload it if you want, just make sure to give attribution and stuff.
I posted it, can you maybe also give me some feedback? https://musescore.com/gerbenbuijze/thetimekeeper
Wow! This song is really awesome! Definitely a star favorite! Good to see you back on here! You know, I think you could really make swell movie scores!
Thank you! I'm hoping to eventually do some actual film scoring someday, so that is really encouraging to hear :D
OMG I ACTUALLY LOVE IT!!!!! I love the novelty of the clock being wound and then the music's tale unwinding and getting more dramatic until time runs out and the all-powerful Time-Keeper must rewind the clock to start the process of life all over again! Thank you for listening to today's episode of "Odd and Awkward Representations of Song Meanings"! Hope to see you next TIME! (lol da punzzz)
Hmm... that's a pretty interesting interpretation of the song! I like it :D And that makes me really happy that you love my song ;w;
STOP UR MAKING US ALL LOOK BAD XD I love the "tick" and "tock" parts. What a cool and effective way to keep a piece driving! The piano part is STUNNING all the way through! The strings are also gorgeous. Man, you NAILED the chord progressions. Top notch. *favorited* Great job! :D
*gasp* Thank you so much!! I poured a ton of effort into this, so I'm really glad that I didn't waste my time. Also I'm really happy about you being in the limelight, I really feel like you deserve it!
Yay for illegible sheet music, lol I promise I'll fix it sometime

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