Mad world Piano

Uploaded on Sep 27, 2012

Mad world, from the soundtrack of the movie "Donnie Darko"

World michael mad andrew donnie darko Roland Orzbal

Pages 2
Duration 03:49
Measures 36
Key signature 3 flats
Parts 1
Part names Piano
Privacy Everyone can see this score
License Attribution, non-commercial
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Thank you. First comment in 2019, you won a heart <3
Thanks for the sheet, you did a great job!
It is a bit odd when I checked this page back after six years and it has 367k views. I posted this score in 2012 and now it is in the top 10 viewed score in musescore and I think it is also the first google result if you search "Mad world sheet".
I want to thank all of you that use this score.
I hate how people associate this song with Riverdale, when they should be associating Riverdale with this song.
That thing you did. It's a hoax. I stopped after don't read this. Nothing happens.
Wowokay111 first bar notes
Right hand: Ab C G Ab F G Eb D
Left hand: Ab and C F Ab and C
Wait how is there an E flat. I can only see the A flat, am I blind or something. Also I am a beginner as well
Because of the key signature, all of the 'B's, 'E's, and 'A's are flattened
can someone tell me the first line of notes im just starting piano please
Wowokay111 first bar notes
Right hand: Ab C G Ab F G Eb D
Left hand: Ab and C F Ab and C
sometimes when im sad after my dog tries to get me arrested for child endangerment i play this song and remember the time that i pushed my kid off the slide #dontworryhesfine
I got to know this song by the memes first, and riverdale made me love it even more
This is not wrong. The song is written in Fm, not A flat nor E flat.
It's F dorian mode, not Fm. The Ds are all natural. Try it with flat Ds - it will sound wrong
Right, it's written in Fm not in Cm. Fm has 4 b's not 3 :)
The song is written in A flat not Eflat. One b is missing ;)
literally the only reason I know this song
I knew the song existed already but I didn't care and then I saw it on riverdale:)
Grat sight reading for a grade 6 pianist!! Amazing
Where can I learn more about the "grading" system?
What if your computer does not have an F6 button?
I'm lost what do you need the f6 button for
What does "Certified lit" means? Did you mean "list"?
omg noob you don't know what lit means????
and FYI don't look up "Certified lit" on google; look up just "lit". (the 3rd definition of lit on urban dictionary pretty much sums it up...)