Spears of Justice - Undertale

Uploaded on Apr 25, 2016

spears of justice undertale

Pages 3
Duration 01:38
Measures 68
Key signature 1 flat
Parts 1
Part names Piano
Privacy Everyone can see this score
License None (All rights reserved)
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There's multiple spears of justice??
But Toriel told me to......
Then again I got killed by her... I don't trust goat mom...
I have to try a little bit better than THAT!
Something seems a littl off when I try to do this on a different application, (a.k.a. Garage band)
I wonder why Papyrus hasn't been complaining about all the Sans puns......Something seems "fishy"......
Alphys said humans were determined...well I'm determined too...TO PLAY THIS SONG!!!! NGAAAAAAAAAAAH!!!!
(accurate Siri impression) "determined too... TO" I think you made a grammar mistake. It should be "determined as well... TO". (sorry) (i hate myself)
my friend thank you... I have made a grave fandom error and you have saved me... ;-; for that i applaud you
It's all playable on the Eb Alto Sax. I tried it.
Me: Oh great. just one b. Should be quite possible to do.
*forgot about the key change*
Sounds great! Couldn't be any better! :)
Yeah, "Gravy falls" is gay. BUT GRAVITY FALLS ISN'T!! Also, I was planning on following you. Now that I know that you hate "Gravy Falls" (and not gravity falls) I can.
welp... im depressed..... cant be a fan then
*You open the score
*looks at first bar
*(holy finally one with only one flat notes)
*looks at measure 51
*(im outta here...)
Lol when i clicked this song i put my fingers on Z, X, C, and arrow keys. and i tapped out the sequence to attack