Bergentruckung/ASGORE - Undertale

Uploaded on May 20, 2016

bergentruckung asgore piano

Pages 5
Duration 02:28
Measures 72
Key signature 4 sharps
Parts 1
Part names Piano
Privacy Everyone can see this score
License None (All rights reserved)
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A little basic, but still a good arrangement!
My friend: Wow amazing.
Me: I know right?
My friend: Are you gonna waste your time making a violin arrangement in hopes your violin teacher will give you a better seat?
Me: :l OH NO..... OFC not :L
can I remix this?Its amazing!
isn't it a little off on the fast thingies on the right hand ?
Mewsikc, how do you make this? is it by listening and imitating it on a piano or by some kind of software? i really want to know.
I'm 12 and i actaully don't have any problems with this piece, i did a LOT of fast tracks and tracks with quick transitions, so i think that it just boils down to practice.
Not to spoil ur fun but this Is pretty east tbh
Not bragging, but i can play it quite well ;)
That's the point, as he's the king and toriel's the queen, they also have similiar attacks in the game. Toby Fox did it on purpose.
Ive been trying to learn this for the past 3 months.....im 16 and just hit the end of the 3rd page. if this trend continues, i should....SHOULD. have it down by july..........the problem being that im playing it 5bpm slower than its written, and skip a couple notes here and there. so it definetly isnt exact. but ill just be happy if i can make it through the piece XD. also. WHENEVER, i get around to finishing it, is it alright if i put my ATTEMPT on youtube?
You'll proceed, I belive in you, HUMAN!
You're filled with DETERMINATION
Can play the whole piece, just trying to get up to speed.
That would actually be cool would love 2 hear it
I wish you the best of luck! I'm sure you could put it on youtube (he didn't make the piece) but be sure to credit him in the description.
i say no

by the way what is your youtube channel?
Funny you should ask that.... as literally today im making a new one. The one that ive been using for 4+ years has possibly the worst name i could come up with (5th grader). so im making a better one. But if you want to see the videos i have up on my old 5th grade channel look for MrSWbobcat. (<- "boooo" XD)
Is it possible for a 13-year-old to play this, and play it well? Just wondering, I would like to try it when I am done with Waterfall and Megalovania.
Uhhh I was 13 when I MADE the song, but I couldn't play it
I still can't play it, but I can manage the first few parts quite ok, so you can try ;)
im 10 and i can't play left hand correctly in the heartache part and can't play it as fast but other than that i still kind of play it
I mean if it's fine by you I'm not stopping you ;)
I LOVE IT (unlike SOMEONE BELOW, she LUV IT) and this song is not ASGORE-Y as the real one! GET IT?!?! (as gory with gory meaning bloody)
The only time there was blood was (spoilers!) in the genocide route with Sans' battle, so the "pun" didn't make sense at all. Sorry.
Umm... Since when did Undertale have blood in it?
how am i suppose to play this when im not even on grade 3 XD oh well might as well try
not the best piece to start of with but i mean you can try ;)
yup i have been practising for 4 days... can only play the beggining ;-;
I'm going to point out some details that I noticed (Just as constructive criticism, not to be mean). The chords at the beginning are a bit off, and they aren't as strong and prominent as Bergentrucking can be, but otherwise its amazing! Keep up the good work!
Yeah ik but I'm kinda lazy hahaha
Thanks nonetheless!
(A strange music fills the room.)
(A piano is being played through the barrier.)
(It seems your journey has come to an end.)
(You're filled with DETERMINATION.)