Nintendo Medley Part 1 (Complete kinda ig?????)

For Symphony Orchestra

Uploaded on Mar 16, 2017

-Important plz read-
Welp musescore is being a little heccer and won't update the score, granted the file is frickin huge and I'm trying to upload it on a garbage laptop. Soooooo I'm having to break this medley up into multiple parts for obvious reasons......
Also I has a Youtubes: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCHwqDuePjlYvBYoVsZQA3oQ
Also I now have a discord: https://discord.gg/XURxGYY
go for good times or something

Here's the link to part 2 btw: https://musescore.com/miffed/the-ultimate-medley-part-2

-List of songs-
1.Original DK: Start
2.SMB1: Overworld
3.LoZ: Overworld
4.Metriod: Brinstar
5.Kid Icarus: Underworld
6.Punch-Out!!: Minor Circuit
7.SML: Burabuto Kingdom
8.SMB2: Overworld
9.LoZ2: Palace
10.SMB3: Airship
11.Fire Emblem: Main Theme
12.F-Zero: Mute City
13.SMW: Overworld
14.FE Gaiden: Attack/Fight 1
15.LoZ aLttP: Dark World
16.Kirby’s Dream Land: Green Greens
17.Star Fox: Corneria
18.Link’s Awakening: Ballad of the Windfish
19.Super Metroid: Ridley Battle
20.DK Country: Main Theme
21.Kirby’s Dream Land 2: Coo the Owl
22.EarthBound: Onett
23.Kirby SS: Gourmet Race
24.Yoshi’s Island: Athletic Theme
25.DKC2: Stickerbrush Symphony
26.SM64: Bob-Omb Battlefield
27.Pkmn RB: Rival Final Battle!
28.MK64: Raceway
29.Star Fox 64: Star Wolf
30.Kirby’s Dream Land 3: King Dedede’s Theme
31.LoZ OOT: Song of Storms
32.Pkmn GS: Battle! Champion
33.DK64: Jungle Japes
34.Kirby 64: 02 Battle
35.LoZ MM: Song of Healing
36.Animal Crossing: Main Theme
37.Luigi’s Mansion: Main Theme
38.Pikmin: Forest of Hope
39.SSBM: Opening
40.SM Sunshine: Delfino Plaza
41.Pkmn RS: Battle! Elite Four
42.LoZ Wind Waker: Great Sea
43.Kirby Air Ride: Legendary Air Ride Machine
44.MK DD: Rainbow Road
45.Metroid Zero Mission: Escape
46.Pkmn Emerald: Battle! Frontier Brain
47.Star Fox Assault: Main Theme
48.Animal Crossing Wild World: The Roost
49.Mother 3: Unfound Revenge
50.New SMB: Castle
51.Star Fox Command: Fox’s Assault
52.Pkmn DP: Battle! Champion Cynthia
53.LoZ TP: Midna’s Lament
54.Wii: Mii Channel
55.Wii Sports: Main Theme
56.FE Radiant Dawn: The Devoted (Ike's Theme)
57.LoZ Phantom Hourglass: Linebeck’s Theme
58.PMD Explorers of Whatever: Dialga's Fight to the Finish
59.SMG: Gusty Garden Galaxy

60.SSBB: Fianl Destination<=============================
61.Mario Kart Wii: Mushroom Gorge
62.Kirby SSU: Masked Dedede
63.M&L Bowser's Inside Story: The Grand Finale
64.LoZ Spirit Tracks: Realm Overworld
65.SMG2: Bowser Battle
66.Xenoblade Chronicles: Engage the Enemy
67.Pkmn BW: Battle! N
68.Super Mario 3D Land: Overworld
69.Kirby’s Return to Dreamland: C-R-O-W-N-E-D
70.LoZ SS: Ballad of the Goddess
71.Kid Icarus Uprising: Dark Pit’s Theme
72.FE Awakening: Id(Purpose)
73.Pkmn BW2: Battle! Iris!
74. Animal Crossing New Leaf: Main Theme
75.Nintendo Land: Main Theme
76.Pkmn XY: Battle! Trainer
77.LoZ LBW: Lorule Castle
78.SM 3D World: World Bowser
79.Mario Kart 8: Title Screen
80.SSB4: Main Theme
81.Pkmn OrAs: Battle! Zinnia
82.Splatoon: Calamari Inkantation
83.Fire Emblem Fates: Lost in Thoughts all alone
84.Pkmn SMD: Dark Matter Phase 2
85. Star Fox Zero: Mission Accomplished
86.Kirby Planet Robobot: Heart of Steel
87.Pkmn SM: Champion Title Defense
88.LoZ Breath of the Wild: Main Theme
89.ARMS: Main Theme
90. Splatoon 2: Now or Never!
91. Super Mario Odyssey: Jump Up, Superstar!
92. Xenoblade 2: Counterattack (Thanks Latios79)
92.Kirby Star Allies: probably Hyness theme tbh
93. Splatoon Octo Expansion: Fly Octo Fly!
94.Super Smash Bros Ultimate: Main Theme

That's a lot of songs.

I don't own any of these songs

Nintendo Mario Legend of Zelda Metroid Kid Icarus Fire Emblem Pokemon Star Fox Kirby Donkey Kong Super Smash Bros. ARMS Splatoon Pikmin Animal Crossing NES N64 Gamecube Wii WiiU Switch Gameboy DS 3DS 2DS DSi New 3DS New 2DS there's a lot of DS's

Pages 29
Duration 25:14
Measures 985
Key signature 1 flat
Parts 47
Part names Other Woodwinds, Flute, Oboe, Clarinet(2), Bassoon, Alto Saxophone, Tenor Saxophone, Baritone Saxophone, Accordion, Harmonica, Trumpet, French Horn, Trombone, Tuba, Timpani, Percussion(11), Piano(2), Strings(6), Synthesizer, Harp, Guitar(3), Bass(2), Organ, Voice(4)
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The transition between unfounded revenge and new super mario bros. castle is perfect.
Literally just the chimes and cymbal crash but I mean if it sounds cool then great. Thanks!
Me when I hear Star Fox 64: Star Wolf music: "DO A BARREL ROLL!"
Not gonna lie, this is incredible! I’m really excited for you to add even more songs to this massive score! Keep up thr good work :)
Thank you! I'm really trying to get the next song done for this
wow, I am just impressed with this *round of applause*
me too dude.......me too.........
This is super great, I really can''t wait for you to add more! Just one thing, I think your description is missing Animal Crossing Wild World's song, which is between Star Fox Assault and Mother 3. Have a good new year!
Oh shoot I have it in the wrong place oops. And yeah you have a great new year yourself
it would be better without cutting songs... But after all,
it's nice
Bob-Omb battle field sounds nice :D
Thank you! I love the jazziness of that song
Yeah. Super Mario 64 DS was my first Mario game so that brings back memories...
Just like to say first, this is incredible and my computer actually lagged that theres so many instruments and songs!
Second, I know this isn't a very long franchise but there is some outstanding music in the Xenoblade series; I definitely think that you should add some from any of the games.
Thank you! And yeah I plan to add Engage the Enemy from Xenoblade 1 and Counterattack from Xenoblade 2. idk any of the music from Xenoblade X so if you have any recommendations for potential songs to add I'd love to hear them.
If you do ANYTHING from Xenoblade 2 it needs to be counterratack, thanks for not suggesting something else!
(If you wanted to do another from XBC2 it should be Gormott or another location theme BUT NOT MOR ARDAIN, It's basically the megalovania of Xenoblade.
For Xenoblade X, there are:

-Theme X (Main Theme) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LsUw4Hzex0M

-No.EX 01 (Theme for certain main boss battles) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=q-ZWPt9Ht44

-Black Tar (Normal battle theme) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hwebAhgpnxw

-Uncontrollable (Unique monsters battle theme, like "You Will Know Our Names" from XC1) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wmdnpbmM4pc
Thanks for all the suggestions!
In The Forest is a pretty good one.
Hey Miffed, do you consider remakes to be separate games, provided the change was severe enough?
If the remake introduced new songs then yes
In that case, The Heritors of Arcadia from Fire Emblem Echoes: Shadows of Valentia is a pretty good one.
Whoa that's a beautiful song (I'm pretty sure I turned the sound off during the credits lol) I'll definitely consider adding it
It would go in between Breath of the Wild and Arms
Oh dear I hope changing to a new program doesn't screw up the arrangement
Wow, this is really god, but I feel like one of the more classic Nintendo franchises doesn't seem to have much representation
Which franchise are you talking about
Fire Emblem, you included stuff from the first two and last two, but none of the ten in-between, but this is a really great series of arrangements, and I can't wait to see more.
Ah yeah you right. I don't really know much of the music from the series because a lot of the early were japan exclusives. If you have any recommendations to songs I could add in the future feel free to tell me.
The original "Together We Ride" from Fire Emblem 7 is really great.
I took a challenge that I have to comment on every score I listen to until the 20th so...
Lol I'm taking that challenge too
This is amazing! Maybe add something from Pokémon sun and moon?
I will add the champion title defense theme....but that involves getting to it first.....
This is probably the best nintendo medly I've heard. I really like the Earthbound Onnet theme it is probably the best score of it that i have heard!
Ok, wow. First off, this is incredible. I can't even begin to imagine how much work this must've taken. Second, my obligatory song suggestions. How about the Snowmads Theme from Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze, Venus Lighthouse from Golden Sun, or Rogueport from Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door? If you don't like any of those... ah, well. It's your medley. Great job, though. Seriously.
I'm going to go ahead and add the snowmads theme, but not the other two because I've already passed when those songs would go into the medley. I might add them later once im done tho idk....