Nuvole Bianche - Ludovico Einaudi

Uploaded on Sep 21, 2016

Watch on youtube with this link - https://youtu.be/67yX1_o-5Mg

Pages 6
Duration 05:03
Measures 102
Key signature 4 flats
Parts 1
Part names Piano
Privacy Everyone can see this score
License None (All rights reserved)
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Thank you so much!! It's so beautiful!!
This is absolutely beautiful! Even with the computer playing it without emotion, it still sounds really nice.
stupid question as I am a beginner how if anyone understands me how do do you know for example the first noted if they are black keys of white keys
I don't suppose you could teach me a thing or 2 could you I'm new to reading notation but know the basics like the gaps and lines on the staff and the chords I can never find decent information anywhere and lesson are expensive !
I may be able to, what would you like help with?
That's not a stupid question :) The key signature will tell you. The key signature is in front of Bass and Treble Cleff, that's what those four flat signs are for. This song is in the key of A flat major, because it is the only scale with four flats. In this song, all the As, Bs, Ds and Es will be flatted. I hope this helped :) I
thank you so much please correct me if I'm wrong but if for example on the treble cleff the key signature one of the flats is an E for example does that mean all E's on that staff are to be played as flats
Your welcome! That would depend if it was E major or E minor, or E flat major or minor. If it was E flat major, all the keys in the E major scale that are flats/sharps would be flats/sharps in this song.
thank you so much could you suggest any nice piano songs
Canon in D is fairly simple, and a really nice song. that was the first "hard" song I learned. It's in the D major scale. I am working on a song that is called "I Giorni", by Ludovico Einaudi. (The same composer as this song) It's in the D major scale also. depending on what type of songs you like, I may be able to help you find some good ones :)
You're welcome! I'm glad I could help :)
very beautiful!!
I've played it, it was soooo silent.
Thank you so much. I love this song and cant wait to start playing it.
If I know River Flows in You by heart, do you guys think i could learn this in 2 weeks? I really need a sad, powerful song to play because of a talent show and this seemed perfect for it
Yea you can learn it in two weeks, it’s not that hard
Thank you so much for the sheet!! Keep going ;)
gonna put it in synthesia and learn it
I play D&D, and just had an amazing emotional connection with another PC using this music. Gonna learn it now for the memories. Thanks for putting this up here.
ooh my godd!!! It is AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!
It's amazing, I love this song
this is great but there are a few notes that are a step off starting in measure 37
of course i am playing on an out of tune piano most of the time but referencing it with videos of people playing still demonstrate a difference in notes
Thank you for your work on this upload!
this shit is dope bro!!! defo gonna learn it
Thanks for the upload, but i'm pretty sure there is a mistake in the 43rd in 44th bar. The last 3 notes in each should all be one higher i think
This piece has a lot of repetition, and with practice, it becomes easy to play! It will take some time but once you master the bottom hand the rest is simple. It's so beautiful to play, and I will never get tired of it.
I really love this piece thanks so much
Harder than it looks to play, but easily doable with practice and dedication. I love this piece! It's beautiful and nice to play for a warm up, to show off, or to vent. Always been a favorite of mine- thanks for the arrangement!
Jmm einaudi has marevelous works haha this one is wonderful i think i prefer divenire but i dont know really this man is a genius
Waited so long to find this didn't even look here which is dumb because i get all my music from here but WOW!!! Thank you so much!!
One a scale of one to ten how hard is this song?
Would say like a 4-5. Not for beginners but it's not the flight of the bumblebee :P
I love this song, it so beautiful and melodic. this is the perfect style of music for me.
If you like this style of music you should check out Yurima