"Echo Duet" for Flute & Oboe

Uploaded on Dec 15, 2012

Jenne Van Antwerpen (http://musescore.com/user/53615) and I created this piece as a brisk duet for two woodwinds (flute & oboe). It is set in a canonistic style and meant to invoke images of a mountain echo because, in the mountains, there's always an echo. Before there was phone or internet or texting, people used yodeling or whistling to send messages from one top of the mountain to another and of course; with an echo! It is still used today as fail-safe warning for avalanches.

This piece was created for Flute & Oboe Duet and is intended to be performed fast!

Modern Classical

Pages 2
Duration 02:25
Measures 92
Key signature natural
Parts 2
Part names Flute, Oboe
Privacy Everyone can see this score
License None (All rights reserved)
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I have already made plans to play this with my flutist friend, and possibly perform it for a crowd. I love it a lot, and can't wait to perform it!
Thank you, that's wonderful! I would love to hear your performance if you happen to record it!
Hello! I have a question. I’m an amateur and would love to know how you know where to trill on the first couple of half notes on the flute part. (P.s. I know my name is electronic sax, but I’m beginning to play flute as well!)
Hello! The trill starts on the very first beat on the indicated note (e.g., E on Measure one) and moves up and down one half step for a count of two beats
Thank you so much! I have an oboe friend and she said she’ll play this with me when we get better. Very excited to play this piece!
It sounds happy and fun- I would play it if I wasn't still an amateur (and have no friends to play it with.)
I hope you will get to play it. Even the most advanced performers were one amateurs. MuseScore is a great tool to allow musicians to play along with the computer. Just mute the Flute part during playback and you have an automatic partner!
Nice! It sounds nice with recorders! It sound like an old Celtic song! : )
amazing me and my friend are gonna learn this great day to be a oboe
I have 2 students who would like to perform this at a solo and ensemble event. How do we go about getting the rights to do so?
Certainly. I spoke with Jenne as well. Please send me a recording if possible. We would love to hear it!