"Point of No Return" for Flute & Harp

Uploaded on Feb 10, 2013

"Point of No return" is a "Debussyesque" manifestation that has been floating around inside my head for some time now...

I created this piece for Flute and Concert (Pedal) Harp.


Pages 2
Duration 01:40
Measures 26
Key signature natural
Parts 2
Part names Flute, Harp
Privacy Everyone can see this score
License None (All rights reserved)
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Wow! Nice piece Mike! I love especially the fast notes e.g. m.23.
Thank you! There was likely a better way to express it notationally.
At measures 15, 19 and 20, what are those little zig zag lines called, and how do I use them on instruments?
Yes, they are called arpeggios and are basically broken chords; the chord is played one note at a time (here, bottom to top) quickly. It is a very common form on the harp and piano
This is wonderful Mike...bravo! I like the theme, the harmonies. The unexpected turns. I hear it on the interview of you as Musescorer of the month.
Brilliant! This would make a master piano piece if the harp was bass clef or treble clef piano on the bottom staff and the flute was top staff piano. I can already hear this in my head.
Thank you! I agree. The timbre's complement each other so well and sustain of the harp plays well against the hollowness of the flute in the lower registers.
It is a wonderful score, I'm glad you got the chance to showcase it. A deserved "Musescorer of the month".
Wow. Just...amazing. Very well done. :D Im a new follower x)
It's always a joy to see such professional work on Musescore. In addition, the video scores always help. Here I come, thinking this was a Phantom of the Opera song, but this original piece is absolutely beautiful. You have a new follower, Mr. Magatagan.
Thank you very much. I appreciate the compliment and love that you like it!
A lot of Debussy in this piece, nice. I will try it on ocarina.
Thank you very much! I would love to hear it on Ocarina!
Wow! A truly amazing, beautiful piece! Besides the obvious Debussy, this also reminds me of the old music from RuneScape.
Thank you. I am not familiar with RuneScape but I will check it out.
Super, super, strait path from ancient music into the future harmonies )
Very well done, I definitely hear some impressionism in here, but with a more solid form. Nice work!
Thank you very much Günter for the compliment.
this makes me think of Variations on Morizora's Cave good job :)
A beautiful creation by Laura Shigihara. Thank you for that compliment!
For me it's the harp that strikes me most, because it has such a strong foundation, and it gets to elaborate on its own base, which is extremely unusual in my experience. Wonderful job!
Thanks! I agree. It grounds the flute and pulls it along throughout the chromatic variations.
For this piece I used the using the "GeneralUser GS.sf2" Soundfont by S. Christian Collins Software for the Harp and the "FluidR3Mono_GM.sf3" for the flute.
Beautiful composition and a superb demo of this amazing software.
Thank you very much. That means a lot to me. It is a meaningful piece in my life.
hi Mike i find your work really awesome , this piece its really unique, and all your compositions and will like to dedicate a song to my girlfriend cause its our 6months anniversary , i know you have a lot of more knowledge would you recomend a song in the way of your work , i will apreciate a lot, thanks for all the hard work!
Thanks! That's a tough recomendation indeed. It depends more on her taste than either of ours. What does she like? Perhaps this one by Faure: https://musescore.com/mike_magatagan/scores/56167
Thanks again friend your work its awesomeness!