"Imagination" for Viola & Harp

Uploaded on Jun 30, 2014

The mind is infinite. Its beginnings and its endings are intangible. Thanks to God, our powerful imagination (the "MIND" of mankind) came into being - a new, completely unique mental power that is continuously exploring, discovering, and unraveling the mysteries of nature.

This work is my attempt (albeit amateurish) to portray the mind's insatiable curiosity and its ability to continually adapt and refine itself. To this end, I created this work originally in 2012 for Flute but have re-"imagined" it here today for Viola and Concert (Pedal) Harp.

Romantic Modern Classical

Pages 6
Duration 02:41
Measures 66
Key signature natural
Parts 2
Part names Viola, Harp
Privacy Everyone can see this score
License None (All rights reserved)
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You just gained 1 follower. This is amazing!!
love it so mysterious and just like thanks
I could swear this was going to be Final Fantasy's prelude because of the harp begining!
I love viola and when in duel with violin it is incredible. Good composition Mike
Yes I do and I am a Violist as well. Thanks!
Tha ks. This should be playable on Piano as written.
I find it an effective instrument for expression of the "hauntingly elegant" ;)
What a delightful piece! I of course downloaded it so I could hear the improved soundfonts of 2.02. I really like the assuring constant of the up and down of the harp while the harmonies and rhythms and chromaticsms dance all around with surprises. It's nice to see that all that transcribing has rubbed off on you.
Thanks Tim! I am slowly replacing all my old 1.3 scores with 2.0x versions. Someday, I won't need to create the VideoScores anymore!
Quite right. It no longer seems worth the effort, does it?
I'm waiting for a fix to some of the other problem instruments like harp, french horn, clarinet, tuba. Unfortunately, the poor sound quality of these instruments prevents the total elimination of the VideoScore!
Lovely, amazing piece. Just had to pull a Shostglass and make a recording of it. Enjoy: https://app.box.com/s/jegz2ewk5gofcxt3i0r3
Thank you! I like it (Nice sound Library. Which one is it?). It's haunting! I created a VideoScore to the right.
Thank you, Mike! It is NotePeformer for Sibelius, which is a different kind of sound library; one that plays your music back from the point of view of professional musicians sight reading it for the first time.
Clearly better 'performers' than me! When I sight-read, it doesn't sound as good ;)
Thanks Jenne, it's one of my weirder ones but there are some parts I like...