Undertale - Megalovania (Piano) [Added guitar, fixed tonality]

Uploaded on Oct 31, 2015

A semi-decent arrangement of Megalovania (Undertale) for Piano. Pretty hard.
Can be played with the original song.
Geeeettttttt dunked on!!!
Song created by Toby Fox.

-> Hit 250K! There you go, added guitar part!

Undertale -> www.undertale.com

Undertale Megalovania Piano

Pages 5
Duration 02:30
Measures 61
Key signature 1 flat
Parts 2
Part names Piano(2)
Privacy Everyone can see this score
License Creative Commons copyright waiver
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Great piece! It is unfortunate to have the whole 16 measures of silence though.... If I may make a suggestion, I'd say listen to Richaad's metal cover of the piece. He adds a more interesting part to that bit that could translate into an interesting piano piece if you're interested.
Oh noes this piece is going to hit 10K! What am I gonna do? https://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/d/d8/Lace_Webbed_Spider,_Amaurobius_Similis,_2009.jpg
* Meryl applauds slowly at the subtle reference. * Meryl waits patiently for the next piece, drinking some Spider Cider.
"Made with whole spiders, not just the juice."
This helped me out a lot! Great piece.
Awesome! This is exactly what I wanted to get an idea of how to make my own arrangement(nothing too serious, just something for fun). I'll def credit you.
I needed this. Thank you so much, it's fantastic! 10/10, had a bad time.
Thanks! :D Also I really like your Prof Layton's Theme!