How to fix a broken heart with Duct Tape (dedicated to mollymawk)

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Does this even need a description? Anyway, dedicated to mollymawk for the tremendous amount of inspiration she has given to me, and the whole musescore community. This, and all my other songs with lyrics simply would not have happened without her. Thank you, and Enjoy!


Sure you know that you can

with some Duck Tape

fix just about

all of the things that need fixed

Did you know

(and most people don't)

it can even fix the worst type of

broken heart

if you firmly apply

get rid of the wrinkles

and know that if you're neat

it can be permanent

Just be sure

that you don't

goof and fall in love again

If you do

we are not


no doubt

You'll cry and tears cause the

adhesive to fail

It's not water proof

nor is it temperature resistant

It will not help when you're

left out in the cold

like you were before

and will be again

Duct Tape is just tape

after all

and how's that supposed

to be permanent?

Doubts crept in

like they do

How could this be the best way?

All alone

but you're safe

for another day

You're better off safe that sorry

or so they say

But wait a minute

If a factory used

Duct tape like you do

OSHA would shut it down

Instead of fixing

that problem

add more Duct Tape

It might be

best to go

goof and fall in love again

I had it


wrong, sorry


You'll cry and tears cause the

adhesive to fail

It's not like you can't

just give it one more shot

but this time use the Duct Tape you have left

to make a rose but

don't forget damage

you cause by

using Duct Tape

mollymawk duct tape I'm such a pathetic tagger by the way for those of you that don't know OSHA is the regulatory organization that oversees worker safety in the US And why is this in the tags? I don't really know

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