~ The Evolution of Mollymawk ~

Uploaded on May 28, 2016

Let's play a game called... "spot the vocaloid references and the repetitive Mollymawk"!

Not hard, is it? .-.

Unfortunately, this is the longest thing I've ever made (and will ever make). Literally, it's over an hour long... Can you survive it? xD

Also, I haven't used those tildes in a title for a long count of years... :P

Cookies if you listen all the way to the end. 1 hr 6 minutes 50 seconds, 2176 measures, 54 songs. There's a piece there I'd not posted before. :3 (Not like it's impressive... just... yeah...)

I'm deleting everything except this in August. Because I'm deactivating my account. See this discussion for further details: https://musescore.com/groups/hashtag-we-read-tags/discuss/2201446 I'm not posting another thing here again. You have been fairly warned.

I'm sure we'll meet again at another time in another place but until then sayonara xx

Pages 121
Duration 01:06:26
Measures 2175
Key signature 5 sharps
Parts 2
Part names Piano, Strings
Privacy Everyone can see this score
License Attribution, non-commercial, no derivatives
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Came here by accident. Loved it! I wish I could've heard of you before you ''retired''. :)
Wow. What the actual f*ck happened to this comments section????!!!!
In the past, I've told the Musescore employees to add a function to disable comments. Maybe you'll have better luck asking them.
This Is Probably The Most Spammed Page In All Of Musescore
Mollymawk, did you or anyone delete your tags group?
I didn't delete it! idk why it's not showing up but it still exists https://musescore.com/groups/hashtag-we-read-tags
aahh! you and so many of your scores are back! do you still have "pretty much everything I said was a lie" in the full version? It's one of my favorites! :)
i removed it because it was personalllll sorry dm me and i'll send you the score tho!!
For my 8th-grade talent show, I played the song, Don't Give Up. But, during the performance, the air-conditioning blew the sheet music off of the piano, in front of the entire school. Luckily, I surprised myself by continuing to play, as two girls rushed over to pick up the sheet music, and futilely attempted to place the sheet music back on the piano, whilst instead putting the scores out of order, and some upside-down.
I was wondering if I could use bits from this piece for a project I'm working on? https://musescore.com/groups/musescore-composers/discuss/4991799 (There are other discussions in various groups)
Long time no talk Molly :) Hope life has been treating you well.
how long did it take to copy and paste it?
woah, you still visit this site? *gasp* there is hope for musescore yet...
Keep on composing even in college. you have a knack for this, and your music is awesome. Good luck in college
I know this question is rlly wierd, but r u a boy or a girl...
Now the longest piece I've ever heard on MuseScore. Your legacy is well lived (and practically memorized by those who lived it with you). Very well done.
I'm not on very much any more myself, as I too am in college. Here's to the years, and good bye, we will miss you. :)
- Uncle Snail
Good luck in college, mate. I haven't even met you before, but I can tell you've got some great things ahead of you. If composing is truly your passion, then chase it! Run 41 laps and keep shocking the world!


Not Ton
I sat through the whole thing in one night. I liked all the songs. I think my favorite is "so this is how it ends."
question real quick... why does it say you have 102 scores???
I did have 102, but I had to cancel my pro subscription because of going to college... so all the scores disappeared, but are still there... yeah.
I thought my Musescore emails were a bit empty lately. You will be sorely mis- MolLyMawK!! waaaa noooo I cant believe I missed you leaving. cryyyy I cant sustain myself with just isaac and mishacloud aaaaaa. I'll m-miss you.. ;/. Until then, I will listen to your soundcloud. Jaa-ne
Will you ever come back? I saw this after I had forgotten about it ToT
https://musescore.com/gensou :')