~ My Computer's "Appreciation" Song ~

Uploaded on May 16, 2016

"firefox.exe is not responding. Windows is checking for a solution... would you like to end the process now?"
Anyway. This is my Windows/computer rant song. It's short... but stupid too. And with the worst lyrics ever. I apologise xD

[Soundcloud Luka cover -> https://soundcloud.com/that-crazy-music-lover/computer-song ]


Random exe, why are you not responding?
It is so annoying... you were working yesterday...
On second thoughts, let's see
Why is the memoty full?
What the heck computer??
What you always lying?

Nothing ever works along with the internet
Firefox doesn't work at all
Now everything's overheating
Stupid cheap laptop
This is insane!
I'm done now
Why does it never work?
This is so not worth it....

Nothing is responding
Constantly reloading
I am on the edge
Don't touch it or I SWEAR I'LL KILL YOU
Flash is already outdated
Windows is overrated
I am getting so frustrated
But for now this will have to do...

mollymawk.exe has stopped responding Windows is checking for a solution. ... nope no solution -_- illusion gensou stuff IDK I hate technology it never works but I love it too because it encases my life so yeah enjoy the song ^^

Pages 16
Duration 01:16
Measures 45
Key signature 3 flats
Parts 16
Part names Flute, Clarinet, Percussion(7), Bass, Synthesizer(6)
Privacy Everyone can see this score
License Attribution, non-commercial, no derivatives
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It appears you have spam followers. There's this thing going around where random people are getting tons of followers overnight, and almost all of them have no music and are in a random piano group.
This is really fun! ...Or, at least, the tune is. I know the frustration behind it definitely isn't. Been there before, believe me.... -_-'
Can I ask it? I want to treat this song as the initial structure of my single. Can I please?
Can I remix this? I will credit you!
Yay thanks! It'll take a while though lol
you should remix its raining tacos!
If you want a true masterpiece, listen to song of tornadoes on musescore (it might be entitled social experiment, just search song of tornadoes.)
Seriously, this is the best song ever man.
1344 followers!?!?!!!!!! How?!! I couldn't get that many if I was on Musescore for 10 years!!
I want to be up there in the clouds with the people who have over 1000 followers.....
I can't tell if you are really that good or a lot of people that randomly follow just followed you.
I'd choose the first one
You know I've always thought the majority of people followed me because of my vocaloid transcriptions / arrangements originally...
I thought that all of thr songs on your account were songs that you created. I did not think you had transc. or arrang. on your account
There is one musescorer with >1600 followers, but he does classical transcription.... sooooooo idk either *is mind blown by the immense amount of followers Mollymawk has*
To be fair, he has been on Musescore for almost 6 years
I know what you're saying. If he's been making songs for 5 yrs. and he will get very much better after a yr. goes by. Take qqqant, he has been making scores since he was 8. After a year goes by, he will get much better and that is why he is so good and already y has 300 something followers. Do you understand why Classicman has a lot now? Reread if you don't understand.
Hey MollyMawk! So I was wondering- could I turn this into a piano solo, and sing and play it on the piano for my next recital? Thank you!
You said exactly the same thing I was going to comment. How do you do that, man ?
You have no idea how many times I have listened to this and felt inspired. Thank you so much for making this. Even though it is short and simple, it's one of my favorite songs ever now!
Lol, this song reminds me so much of All Star.
This is awesome! The lyrics are actually great!
You think that these lyrics are bad?!?! They're amazing! I was cracking up the whole time! And I am seriously downloading every single one of your songs. They're all brilliant. ^^
(If you want to see bad lyrics, then just look at my lyrics written to some of the Undertale songs.)