Toad´s Turnpike (Remake)/Darkrai RaceCourse

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Uploaded on Apr 24, 2016

Upprunalega lagið er gert með Nintendo , Höfundarréttarvarið fyrir Mario Kart 64 árið 1996 .

Ég hef gert þetta remix þann 13. apríl 2016 og hlaðið það þann 24. apríl 1996 .

Vinsamlegast notið !!

This remix I plan to Use for A racecourse that I am Making for a friend.


Pages 76
Duration 2:35
Measures 88
Key signature natural
Parts 10
Part names Baritone Saxophone
Other woodwinds
Soprano Saxophone
Privacy Everyone can see this score
License Attribution
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.....I dont know if you understand english but can i make a band arrangement with this piece? Credit will be given and some things will be changed (my version i was about to publish looks similar to yours and i didnt want to start a misunderstanding). Great Job though!!! I struggled at the Bass Synthesizer part of yours