The Four Seasons (Complete)

Uploaded on Oct 18, 2013

UPDATE 4/2/17 - I have updated this for the first time in over three years. The soundfonts playing are much better, the articulations that previously did not play now do, and I've adjusted a few of the tempos.
"The Four Seasons (Italian: Le quattro stagioni) is a set of four violin concertos by Antonio Vivaldi. Composed in 1723, The Four Seasons is Vivaldi's best-known work, and is among the most popular pieces in the classical music repertoire. The texture of each concerto is varied, each resembling its respective season. For example, "Winter" is peppered with silvery pizzicato notes from the high strings, calling to mind icy rain, whereas "Summer" evokes a thunderstorm in its final movement, which is why the movement is often called "Storm". Vivaldi's original arrangement for solo violin with string quartet and basso continuo helped to define the form of the concerto." - Wikipedia, The Four Seasons (Vivaldi)

Spring - 00:00
Summer - 09:48
Autumn - 19:32
Winter - 29:24

Winter violin strings Spring Summer Autumn Fall vivaldi Four Seasons concerto string concerto

Pages 179
Duration 38:07
Measures 1136
Key signature 4 sharps
Parts 5
Part names Violin, Strings(2), Viola, Cello
Privacy Everyone can see this score
License Public domain
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please add Vivaldi storm on piano
I can transcribe that movement on piano and email to you if you'd like
could you send me the soundfonts samuelliaomoon@gmail.com
hi! wonderful work! can i please have the parts of this score ? thank you ! cclara1112@gmail.com
I'm sorry if it came across like I did imply that, but I wasn't expecting her to know that. :)
Because it's Vivaldi and umm... well yeah that's just how he wrote it pal
By the way, why would you be rude to a 13-year old with autism? That's who I am. I didn't know that it would offend you. I also have some trouble with communication, so I didn't know that would offend you. Also, I don't even know you, so why do you call me pal? I'm not friends with you last time I checked. I don't mean to start a fight or anything, I'm just asking you an honest question. :)
Okay so I don't mean this in any offense, but they were just answering your question. Also, how would they know that you have autism?
I didn't mean to offend you. I was just wondering. :)
It's public domain so you can really do whatever you want with it. I don't own it.
I still ask anyways because why not ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
Thank you for the incredible amount of work, and for sharing
il y a un petit peut trop de page: je n'est pas pu imprimer !
I absolutely love this thing. thank you
Hi :) Can you send me parts of this scoure? zofia.gancarz@gmail.com
Could you send me the parts at elliotchan7@gmail.com? Thanks.
By any chance, did you get the parts? I need it too!!!!!
Hi! would you please send me the parts? thanks a lot!! riinvisible@gmail.com
Would you please send the extracted parts to me as well! I would greatly appreciate it! kdpriest28@gmail.com
hi Zofia, kindly send me the parts of this score. thanks. iamamicable@hotmail.com
now in the winter part, articulation is mandatory for the right emotion.
I have made a mix of this, which was tricky for 2 reasons. The original wav files were 3.5Gb each. Also I use note performer for most and GPO of one. trying to get NP and GPO in sync worked for the most part but in certain places it is out of sync. https://app.box.com/s/96moyh9rokv00l85l3ld