The Hobbit: Misty Mountains (for voice)

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My transcription of the 'Misty Mountains' song from the Hobbit. 1 Tenor, 3 Bass parts

Genre: Film
Format: Transcription

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gage.cox2's picture

Nice job...could you make a score with all lyrics, not just Verses 1 and 7 please. I know they are not listed in the movie, but if you look online, you are sure to find them. Thanks!

leostev's picture

Congratulations ! All the voices are perfect ! :D

blackwoodla's picture

Brilliant! Thanks!

AJJ's picture

Thank you! Great transcription!

Westicle's picture

Hi Nathan

This is great, thanks for posting it. I'm currently working on a version for bass guitar using this.



legolas0031's picture

hi westicle
can you send my the bass guitar version when you complete it

a_bohman's picture

Very good transcription, but where did you hear that Howard Shore didn't write the music? I thought he did.

NathanH's picture

I read it on the digital booklet that came with the soundtrack. Howard Shore did write most of the music for The Hobbit, but this particular song was composed by the listed persons. Thanks for your comment!

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Uploaded Dec 31, 2012
Pages 2
Duration 1:24
Measures 41
Key signature 1 flat
Parts 3
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  • Voice (3)
License All rights reserved
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