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Uploaded on Jan 5, 2018

Hi,this is my first score updated!-I decided that when I'm done with this,I will complete ALL the songs for your listening pleasure! I have gotten 400 views on this,so please check out my other scores! ~Isaiah (Nin.Pro)

Now with 33 songs! I will not add any more songs, but I will take off the names of the songs(not the first people to guess them!), so anyone who hasn't seen this won't just already know them :)

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WAAIT I KNOW 31. It's Rainbow Road! Mario Kart Wii right?
Hey! We're guessing 31 on December 31.
Idk. Sometimes he'll be gone for a little while.
I believe you are correct good sir
I won't spoil my answers. To see my guesses, go to Google Translate and Translate this from Sindhi to English, or whatever language you speak. ECM means IDK ;)

1: باب-ايمب ميدان جنگ جو ميدان (سپر ماریو 64)
2: ايڪو ايم
3: ايڪو ايم
4: کرريب گارنٽي ريس (کيري سپر اسٽار)
5: طرف هدائي ڊاک (سپر ماریو 64)
6: ڄاڻايو ويو 🐱 (نان ٻلي)
7: سائيڪل (جاميٽري ڊيش)
8: اولاورلينڊ (زيلڊا جو علامه)
9: هيڪسگن فورس (جاميٽري ڊيش)
10: جاکوڙي بادشاھ (سپر ماریو اوڊسي)
11: هوائبو روبوٽس (جاميٽري ڊيش: Meltdown!)
12: اولاورلينڊ (سپر مارو 3d ورلڊ)
13: مين موضوع (وائي U / 3DS لاء سپر بوش Bros.
14: هڪ ماري شڪارپور کان هڪ زير تعمير موضوع. اهو هڪ مخصوص آهي
15: ايڪو ايم
16: رينبو روڊ (مارٿا ڪيٽ 8)
17: آرڪيڪ
18: فنگر ڊيش لوول (جاميٽري ڊيش)
19: ايمڪيد
20: مين موضوع (پي سي انسان)
21: پرواز ماري (سپر ماريو گيڪسي!)
22: ڪاٺ واري بادشاھي (سپر ماریو اوڊسي)
23: Clutterfunk (ज्यामिति ड्यास)
24: ايڪ آر
25: ھاڻي يا وري (سليٽ)؟
26: اوپننگ (سپر ماریو 64)
27: تون ھڪ اسٽار آھي. / مشھور سلطنت پاور چنڊ (سپر ماریو 64 / سپر ماري اوڊسي)
28: ڪاسٽ جو موضوع (نئين سپر ماریو مارو Bros)
29: ايڪو ايم
30: ڪوپو ڪيپ (ماريا ڪارٽ وائي)
31: رینبو روڊ (مارٽ ڪار وائي)
32: ايڪي ڪيڪ
33: امير سائڊن (ڪٿا جو زندها: سانس آف وائل
U should join the nintendo switch group, where we just talk about games
I can tell you're pumped for Smash Ultimate Less than a month awayy!
I could tell by your profile picture ;)
Yeah, it actually was a smash ball from smash 4 the first time I had a pic, but a month ago I put it up to date. -and it looks cooler.
It was sort of purple, with color swirling around it.
Is this it? https://file:///Users/goinjukin/Desktop/image.jpg By the way, "goinjukin" was my old musescore username.
you need to have "https://" in front for it to be a link.
Never Mind. the link doesn't work :D
yeah, I did see that! So you're that person!
I used to go by "goinjukin", with Mario Riding Bulb Yoshi from super Mario Galaxy 2 as a pic, then I was a Blue Baby Yoshi, then Yoshi's Character icon from MK8. Then I changed my name to this. Recently I found this pic of red yoshi.
Is 31 part of rainbow road (specifically the one from Mario Kart Wii)?
it definitely sounds like BotW, but I can't find that in the main them :I
It's closer to the end. It's the main theme. It's kinda like the final loudest part of the song.
2 things, please update songs, I was just too excited when I heard 32 and 33, and they weren't guessed. Also, 32 is the Link's Memories -Breath of the Wild, not the main theme.
403 views! I guess I must finally be getting popular!
I feel like #33 is from professor Layton or Phoenix Wright.. lul
No, but I'll give you a hint: it's from a game made 2008