Crystal Field and Mystery Paradise

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Piccolo • Flute (2) • Oboe • English Horn • Bassoon (3) • Clarinet (5) • Alto Saxophone (2) • Tenor Saxophone • Baritone Saxophone • Trumpet (3) • French Horn (2) • Trombone (4) • Tuba (3) • Percussion (2) • Timpani
So... yeah.... So I was just looking through my old files when I found this somewhere in my computer. Apparently, I started this in August of 2015(?). I don't know why I didn't finish this until now, but I finished it. The 'Kirby' series is my favourite series of video games, and my favourite of all the games is 'Kirby Super Star' Ultra, since it kinda fixed some of the problems in 'Super St…

Super Mario 64 Ending Theme for Steel Drums (UPDATED)

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Percussion (7)
I already have the steel drum version of this theme on here, but I made some serious improvements to it. I'm going to leave the rough draft on my account for you to listen to. I hope you enjoy this final version of the Super Mario 64 Ending Theme arranged for steel Drums.

Battle Azelf/Mesprit/Uxie!

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Piccolo • Flute • Clarinet • Trumpet • French Horn • Trombone • Percussion (2) • Strings • Timpani • Piano

TLoZ: BotW "Life in the Ruins"

14 parts9 pages02:022 weeks254 views
Oboe • Clarinet • Bassoon (2) • Trumpet • French Horn (2) • Timpani • Percussion • Strings (4) • Piano
If you want to use it, do it, but give me some credits for the transposing, because it take some time! It would be appreciated! :3 I'm come back with this beautiful soundtrack from the New The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild! This transpose was done in only One Night, and mostly by ear!! xD And obviously some help of "Hari Sivan" (Youtube) with the Piano Part. The rest of the Strings, Wind/…

Super Mario 64 - End Theme (Steel Drum Remix)

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This is a remix of the arrangement of the Ending Theme from Super Mario 64 I made earlier for the Steel Drum Ensemble at the College I'm attending. Please feel free to comment on this arrangement and let me know how I can make it better.

AC:NL K.K. Slider Songs (Concert Band)

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Piccolo • Flute • Oboe • English Horn • Clarinet (5) • Bassoon • Alto Saxophone • Tenor Saxophone • Baritone Saxophone • Trumpet (3) • French Horn (2) • Trombone (3) • Tuba (2) • Contrabass • Timpani • Percussion (4) • Piano
I did 99% of this by ear. It wasn't easy, there are most likely mistakes somewhere in the score. There are few things I want to change with the score but I'll edit it at another time. Enjoy! Song order: 1. Forest Life 2. Go K.K. Rider! 3. K.K. Chorale 4. K.K. Love Song 5. Stale Cupcakes 6. K.K. March 7. K.K. D&B 8. K.K. Stroll 9. I Love You 10. Marine Song 2001 11. Steep Hill 12. H…

Selections from Animal Crossing: New Leaf

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Piccolo • Flute • Oboe • Clarinet (5) • Bassoon • Soprano Saxophone • Alto Saxophone • Tenor Saxophone • Baritone Saxophone • Trumpet (3) • French Horn (2) • Trombone (3) • Tuba (2) • Contrabass • Percussion (4) • Piano • Harp
I did most of this by ear so there are most likely mistakes. Constructive criticism is welcome! Updated: 11/26/16

Pokémon Red and Blue March : Walking through Kanto (for Concert Band)

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First uploaded: 26.12.2016 - Last updated: 04.01.2017 Download a zip file with parts: This is my new Nintendo game arrangement, and this time Pokémon, to celebrate the 20th anniversary of the game that certainly influenced my life the most. It's a medley/mash-up from the games Pokémon Red/Blue/Yellow (1st gen), which I wrote for Young Band, that's to say for a flexible …

Sky Tower - Pokemon Mystery Dungeon

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I love this piece and I've finally gotten around to revising this piece into Musescore 2.0. It may not sound pretty in the default 2.0 sound font, or be good for my standards, but at least I posted it. Hope you enjoy :3 Read below if you're curious... Recently, I've been checking Musescore more than I have in a very long time, which gave me a bit of motivation to work on Musescore again. S…

Rainbow Road 64

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Flute • Clarinet • Alto Saxophone (2) • Trumpet • Percussion (2) • Violin
The finished score

Sky Garden

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Flute • Piano (2) • Trumpet • French Horn
Its better to download it becasue the website makes the French Horn and Trumpets quieter

Tick-Tock Clock Band Arrangement

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Piccolo • Flute • Oboe • Clarinet • Alto Saxophone • Tenor Saxophone • Trumpet • Trombone • French Horn • Percussion (2) • Piano

Freezeezy Peak (From Banjo Kazooie)

6 parts16 pages02:432 months210 views
Percussion (5)
I'm back everybody! Sorry for the long hiatus from Musescore. This is an arrangement I made for the Steel Drum Ensemble where I go to school. This is the Freezeezy Peak theme from the video game Banjo Kazooie. Please feel free to tell we what you think

Battle! Gym Leader (Johto)

10 parts5 pages02:1611 months1800 views
Flute • Percussion (4) • Clarinet • Trumpet • Tenor Saxophone • Strings (4) • Bass • Trombone • Tuba • Timpani
An updated version of the gym leader (and elite four) theme of Johto, this time resembling much more to the HGSS version. Edit: Minor Fixes

Another Galactic Journey - Full Orchestra

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Flute • Oboe • Clarinet • Bassoon • French Horn (2) • Trumpet (3) • Trombone (2) • Tuba • Timpani • Percussion (2) • Harp • Strings (5)
This is a composition I moved from my dummy account. This is my arrangement for full orchestra of the theme from one of my favorite video games, Super Mario Galaxy 2. Please fell free to comment and tell me what you think

Rosalina in the Observatory 3

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Harp • Flute (2) • French Horn • Trumpet • Strings (2) • Cello • Contrabass • Oboe • Tuba • Trombone • Percussion