Tausend Sterne sind ein Dom

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Djamana's picture

Eben! *smile*

Finde ich halt auch. :D

... und endlich hab ich keine Angst mehr - vor'm Bassschlüssel.

RAJ Thum's picture

die bunten Noten sind doch süß!

Djamana's picture

Version on YT is pitched a little less than a 1/4 tone up.
So it's somewhat between C and C#.

For all who get paralyzed by all these funny colored notes.
Just write a short comment here.
...or DIY - that's how to get rid of them:
"...To color all the notes in black, right click on a note head -> Select -> All similar elements. Right-click again on the note head -> Color -> Pick black."
^- copy&pasted from: http://musescore.org/node/10129
section 'Color Notes'

... and last but not least you may use my extended colornote plugin:

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